Overcoming challenges


My beautiful daughter Luqa has faced a momentous year of change. She is five and has already been through more than most adults. When I was pregnant with her sister I was terribly ill and was in hospital more often than not so she felt much abandonment as her father was not close to her at all. He ignored her all her life and after years of emotional abuse to me and her I left so this year she dealt with a divorce, even though it was for the best she had only known one way of life so it was a huge change. We moved across the country to live with my parents who are hugely volatile people so new home in a new place and she started school at the age of five for the first time. It was a huge change for her she has many emotional scars and was bullied senseless at the beginning of the year. She has come out of all this on top she loves school even though she is still being bullied she handles it, she never sees her dad at all or speaks to him but all she says well I have double mummy love so I am lucky. We had behaviour problems but actually pretty mild ones considering we had the nightmares and the tears and sleepless nights but overall she is ok we are ok. Our relationship is stronger than ever she is a huge example and role model to me after all she has been through she still manages to smile to laugh to wake up each day excited about another chance to just try she may not get it right or even be good at it but she has taught me to view the world as a gift and enjoy every day alive together.

Thank you