Running away from maintenance

I'm a single parent to a 6-year-old boy whose father had disappeared when he was 3 months old. I tried to get him to pay the maintenance on three failed occasions. Every time I go to court to put him on maintenance, he quits his job.

Recently he opened a business of his own and he is self employed but he is still running away from contributing to his child's needs. He registered the business on his girlfriend's name and all the money is also paid into her account.

He buys fancy cars on his mother's name and lives a fancy life. The court told me they can not do anything about the matter because they can not question his cars and the fancy life as they are on other people's names.

I feel I have been failed and don't know what to do as I am struggling to provide for my child. I am in South Africa and feel maybe the government should do something to expose these types of guys. 
Concerned Parent

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