That one awful phone call

It was a Friday afternoon at 2.45pm when I very casually answered the call from my sister.  I greeted her with such enthusiasm as I her name came up on my caller id.  But almost immediately my heart sank when I heard the words, ‘Sand, please call mum, there’s been an accident.’  I went numb.  My mum usually fetched my daughter from school & my 3 year old son was also with her.  I dialled her number expecting to hear the worse.  A stranger answered the phone & handed it to my crying daughter.  “Mum, my arm hurts,” she said.  I could hear my son crying in the background.  

I sped off to the accident scene without even thinking.  The road works made my 10 minute journey a 30 minute one and as I sat in the traffic, I had to deal with the emergency vehicles whizzing past me to get to my children.

Thankfully, my children got out of the accident with what I call minor injuries.  My daughter had a fractured clavicle and my son had both his knees fractured.  It could have been worse.  I’m thankful to God that He brought them through it.

That 1 call, a parent’s worst nightmare... I will NEVER forget it, it’s been etched in my memory forever.