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04 Dec 2013

How effective is conception after D and C
Hi there I am supposed to have a hysteroscopy and D & C done. I have 1 blocked tube and one of your specialists noticed calcification or fibroids either inside or just outside the uterine cavity. Assuming the D & C clears them out - what are the chances of successful conception thereafter? How soon after can I have intercourse? Are you able to do anything to clear the blocked tube? Please let me know asap.... heading for 6 years TTC and the desperation and frustration is ever-increasing!
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Fertility expert

13 Feb 2014

Dear will i ever be a mom

To answer your first question, if the fibroid or any abnormalities are found in the uterine cavity, then certainly these are removed, your chances of conception should be better. If however having performed the D&C and no abnormalities have been found in the uterine cavity then this would not increase your chances of conception. If only a D&C is done then this will not open up any blocked fallopian would have to undergo a laparoscopy to ascertain if it can be open or not. Depending on the site of the blockage and how much damage of the fallopian tube has been damaged. 10 days after te procedure intercourse can be commenced unless your doctor has found a fibroid which can be removed. He would recommend a longer time.

Answered by Dr Y.M.Dasoo