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28 Dec 2014

Implant (birth control for 3 years)
I had an implant a few weeks ago. That implant that goes into your inner-arm for 3 years which is used for preventing pregnancy. So basically its a birth control method. The nurse that consulted me said that my period would either go away, cycle would change or I would discharge less than often. A week after I got that implant, my period started. It was just usual spotting and I discharged less blood as usual as before I got the implant. Its been two weeks now and my period hasn't stopped. It has gone worse. I have to change sanitary pads a lot! I never have gotten my period for that long. Do you think it is normal and that it is just my body responding to the implant, or should I be worried? Thank you in advance
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21 Jan 2015

Dear Patient

Sorry for not attending to your query in time, our Doctor’s were unavailable during that time. If your question is still urgent please re-post it on the Health24 website.