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06 Oct 2009

homeschooling in sa
if homeschooling is legal in sa then why do we need organisations like the pestalozzi legal defence group when we want to homeschool our children? surely as parents we should have the right to school our children as we see fit. especially with all the violence in our schools today?
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Education Law

12 Nov 2009

South African law does parents the freedom and right to home school. However just as the law allows  people to drive cars, how people drive (badly, intoxicated, without a licence, for example) needs to be monitored by government. When the government identifies and takes a drunk driver to court the drunk driver requires a defense attorney to defend their stance using an advanced knowledge of the law. Similarly because there is occasionally a conflict between the government and parents who home school, organisations like Pestalozzi become necessary to assist home schoolers with interpreting the law.