Concert etiquette, tips and safety for parents and kids

Stay safe out there
Stay safe out there

With festive season on the horizon, there sure is a cheerful vibe in the air. There are many upcoming concerts to enjoy with your kids, one of them being the Global Citizen Festival that's hitting Johannesburg on 2 December.

Concerts are generally quite big and can be overwhelming, especially if you have your smaller kiddies with you. Rest assured, there are many ways to have a good, safe time regardless, and we're here to share these tips with you. 

What are some of your top concert tips or hacks? Let us know by emailing us at and we could publish your comments. Do let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous though. 

Concert etiquette and safety tips for parents with children


Make sure you know the age restriction of the concert

Before purchasing tickets, make sure you know the age restriction of the concert. For example, the Global Citizen Concert does not allow children under the age of 3 to attend and children under the age of 14 require adult supervision. 

Keep your kids close by, always

Concerts have thousands of attendees and it really is so easy for your child to wander off, get lost or, God forbid, get snatched. Be extremely vigilant! Do not allow your children to go to the bathroom or refreshment stall or anywhere else by themselves.

Even as an adult, it can be quite scary to lose your group of friends or family in a crowd of people, so be safe and stick together. 

This may sound a bit extreme but if you're able to put your contact details somewhere on your child, such as a wristband, then do so. Better safe than sorry.

Respect the rules

If the concert rules stipulate that you cannot bring certain items into the venue, leave them at home. The security will have to confiscate it so save yourself the hassle.

Usual things that concerts prohibit include: drugs, alcohol, weapons, food, beverages, glass bottles, cameras and recording equipment, and so on.

Wait in line 

Have patience and wait like everyone else. Don't try to cut in the line. It's pretty unfair to move to the front of the line because you have kids with you when there are people who made the effort to be there earlier. 

Eat beforehand

Depending on the concert, there may be food on sale. It's better to eat beforehand though so you don't have to leave your section or seat to get some grub. The food is also generally quite pricey at concerts. Alternatively, bring your own snacks if you're allowed to.

Go to a toilet before you enter

It's important to stay as hydrated as possible but make sure you and your kids use the toilets before you enter to minimise the amount of toilet trips you'll make during the concert.  

Keep a little lock on your bag

Whether it be a combination lock or just a regular one with a key, use it. People can easily dig into your backpack and steal your things without you noticing.

Don’t make other people feel bad for blocking your view

Check your specific concert rules. Generally, younger children are not allowed in the standing area of concerts. If your child, however, is tall enough to be in the standing area and you're accompanying them, don't get mad at other people if you can't see. If you knew it would be the case then you should've bought seated tickets. Everyone paid to be there and it's unfair to expect someone to give up their view for you.

Watch your kids even while the concert is on

It's easy to get caught up in the moment and take your attention off your kids for a little bit, but make sure you remain vigilant throughout. 

If you're in seats, stay seated

What many people who purchase seated tickets do is stand up in their seats or try to sneak into the standing one. Firstly, in this case it's okay to be upset with someone obstructing your view and secondly, sneaking to another section can get you thrown out. 

Try to leave a little bit early to avoid the crowd

The finale of a concert can be one of the most exciting parts but sometimes, it's worth sacrificing. If you leave a little bit before the concert ends, you'll avoid the crowd and any chances of anyone getting lost. It will help you get out of the venue and home faster too.

Good attitude

Yes, concerts can become frustrating at times but don't put a damper on the mood and spoil it for the people you're with. Make it an enjoyable and memorable occasion for the whole family so that you can enjoy similar moments in future!

Tips for teens

Keep your belongings close by

Teens probably don't need to take whole backpacks to concerts like parents do, but whatever belongings you may have on you, keep it in a position where you can feel if someone tries to snatch anything. The best option would be to keep a little sidebag with all of your essentials in it. The best bag would be one with thick straps that can't snap easily, and with inside pockets for extra safety. 

Try not to get too caught up in your cellphone

You're probably going to want to record videos as memories of the concert, but try not to spend too much time viewing the concert through your screen instead of being in the moment. Time will fly by if you're on your phone all the time, and why would you want that? 

Have spatial etiquette

An extremely frustrating thing that happens at concerts is people having no concept of personal space and waving their limbs all around, constricting the view and space of others. Do not shove people and try to be as considerate as possible. 

Don't fangirl too hard 

(Or fanboy, you know). 

Seeing your favourite artist can lead to borderline hysteria and it may also be one of the greatest experiences of your life, but BREATHE! So many people full-on faint upon seeing their favourite artists, so just try to keep it as cool as you possibly can. 

Check in with your parents

If you're at the concert with friends, be sure to check in with your parents every now and then so that they know you're safe. It can be extremely worrisome for parents for their children to be in these kinds of environments, so be considerate. 

Establish a meeting point

Let's hope you don't end up losing your friends somehow, but it's better to be prepared for the situation in the case you do. Establish a rendezvous place to wait at in case you lose or can't get hold of each other.

Establish a place for your parents to pick you up 

If your parents are fetching you from the concert, make sure you establish a specific meeting point beforehand so you can find them easily after the concert. 

Stay away from drama

At many of these festivals, the alcohol will be flowing. If you're underage, don't even thing about it: the bars are strict and there'll be security everywhere. Point is, people may be intoxicated and cause drama around you or with you but avoid it at all costs, don't let it make your experience unpleasant.   

Be respectful 

I know that you're going to let loose and have a good time, but remember that you may still be around little children so just keep it PG. 

What are some of your top concert tips or hacks? Let us know by emailing us at and we could publish your comments. Do let us know if you'd like to remain anonymous though. 

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