I'll never do that when I'm a parent

Before becoming a parent I, like every other non-parent, had opinions. People with children always have opinions about parenting. Even if they don't voice them out loud, they're thinking them.

But the minute they handed me that beautiful baby boy, all those opinions jumped ship so fast! These are a few of the opinions that changed when my son came along.

"I could never breastfeed in public!"

Well, that one went out of the window pretty fast when at 2 weeks old I had to take my son down to Pathcare for a jaundice test. It's a heel prick but not even I could deal with the stress of them hurting my baby. I was a mess, luckily my mother was there to take him in and when he came out the only thing that would calm him down was to nurse. I was in the waiting room of the tiniest Pathcare in the world, so I just flung my scarf over my shoulder and son's head and let him nurse. There I was boob whipped out, feeding my child. I did not care, my son was my priority.

Public breastfeeding? Check!

“I don't understand how parents can have a baby in their bed!” 

When we brought our son home from the hospital we popped him into his cosy Moses basket. He moved up to his camp cot and eventually a proper crib. He wonderfully started sleeping through from 3 months and it was bliss. Then the teething started. Oh my God, the teething! I felt so sorry for him. I was getting up what felt like a million times a night, and I had to go work in the next morning. I was exhausted.

One night in a sleepy haze I just couldn't walk and rock him any more that I just plopped us both down in my bed. And we slept. He's mostly moved backed to his cot now but every now and again he finds his way to our bed and I get more sleep by just patting him back to sleep rather than getting up 5 times a night. 

Co-sleeping? Check!

“No dummies for my kid!”

I've always hated the sight of a 3-year-old with a dummy. I convinced myself we wouldn't use dummies. But you know what? The damn things put my son straight to sleep. And that means I get more sleep at night. They brought him comfort when he needed it. Which means my child was happy.

Dummies? Check!

“My child will not be mesmerised by TV!” 

We still might win this one. So far he only really likes the songs before he stops paying attention and starts chewing his toys. Favourites include the theme songs from Postman Pat and Pinocchio and we only really get as far as The Circle of Life with Lion King (A bonus for him: animals!). And I've only ever used this avenue of distraction when he refuses to be put down and I needed a few minutes while handling dangerous things like hot water or oil in the kitchen. 

I still would like him not to be a child who spends hours watching TV but that doesn't mean I want to deprive him of TV. We have an extensive Disney and Studio Ghibli collection for when he's a bit older. But I also want him to read and play. We've vowed that there will be no Barney. Let's pray we can keep that one from happening.

TV watching munchkin? Kind of check!

What were the things you thought you'd never do before you became a parent?

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