Are you a bad mom? That’s okay – so is the cast of Bad Moms Christmas


When you look up the term "mom" or "mother" in the dictionary, you get the basic “female parent” from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, while Collins dictionary explains that your mother is someone who raises and nurtures you. That being said, we can’t possibly define everything a woman does and all she is to her children.

But while we may love our kids unconditionally, sometimes we too wish we could just sit them down in front of the TV with some nuggets and chips, while we curl up into a ball and take a nap. But we can’t, because the preppy Pinterest moms might just burn us at the stake for being "bad moms".

But here’s the thing: parenting is exhausting and being human doesn’t automatically make you a terrible parent. And wanting to nap doesn’t mean you don’t still love your child and you're willing to straight-up catch a grenade for them – Bruno Mars style. And I mean, what is a bad mom anyway?

According to the Urban dictionary, “A Bad Mother doesn't believe in or seek perfection – she knows that all around her people are cutting corners and putting out a perfect image to the world. A Bad Mother doesn't stress about dust, as she knows that dust in facts helps her child build a healthy immune system and that a sterile environment does not do her child any favours.”

Yup, that’s me – the overly tired, child-protecting and sterile-environment-rejecting Bad Mom.

But so is most everyone else.

The cast of Bad Moms Christmas – the sequel to Bad Moms, which follows the life of three overly tired and underappreciated moms who decide they too deserve to have a little fun – read out bad mom confessions on camera. Watching Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn and Kristen Bell, we can’t help but feel a little better knowing that there are moms just like us who similarly struggle to fit the picture perfect example of the insta-mom.

The moms confessed that they sometimes put their kids to bed in clothes so that they wouldn’t have to get dressed the next morning, and they often found themselves having to have intimate conversations with their husbands at unfortunate times because it was the only free moments they ever had. And while the cast laughed hysterically at the confessions and we’re sure you will too, they related to most of what the women had to say.

While we may feel this way now in our dizzy stupor caused solely by a lack of sleep and overindulgence in Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig in the early hours of the morning, one day we’ll look back and miss these precious moments.

Thus, as one mom Sheree McDonald confesses on Quora, she would give anything to get back the moments she so dearly misses:

Read Sheree McDonald's answer to How should I deal with my 4-year-old daughter who keeps saying "I love you, Daddy"? I love her to bits, and I say it back to her all the time, but she says this almost every day and it gets quite exhausting. on Quora

The mom explains that her son would always want to hold her hand, saying, "It drove me batshit crazy. He would reach over and grab my hand at the most inconvenient time. It especially bothered me when I was trying to push a grocery cart around the store. I didn't snap at him so much as I pulled away a lot. He would hold my hand every single day. Until he didn't."

She continues, "Now, when I try to take his hand he'll pull away with an embarrassed, “Moooooom!"

"I miss it. God, how I miss it."

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