This Is Us – a quick recap of the Pearson’s most memorable moments


NBC’s This Is Us had us in tears when it premiered on screens in September 2016.

The show follows the Pearson family as they encounter numerous challenges together.

From the honest portrayal of new parents making the transition into parenting their own and adopted children, to the gut-wrenching moments of a father’s life lessons carrying his children well into adulthood, there were so many heartwarming moments we’d like to remind you of before the new season airs on 26 September.

So we suggest you get a box of tissues.

Or a bucket.

Whichever you prefer.

Here are our top 5 moments, rated of course, on a scale of sobbing-uncontrollably to full on waterworks.

Warning: if you’re following the show on M-Net at the moment, there are a few spoilers coming your way.

1. Rebecca confesses her fears to her unborn children

Before The Big Three are born to expecting parents Rebecca and Jack Pearson, an overwhelmed Rebecca opens up about her fears of not being the perfect parent for her children. Something we, as parents, can perhaps all relate to.

2. Jack and Kate’s Connection, and Kate's frustration about her ongoing battle with her weight

Jack Pearson could easily be NBC’s father of the year with his exceptional parenting skills. And no, that’s not an exaggeration.

Jack’s connection with his daughter Kate becomes evident as the season progresses, but from the very beginning we see his fun and moving approach to comforting his daughter by dancing with her and doing Madonna’s Vogue, and being there for her, particularly as she struggles with her body image.

One of the most heartbreaking moments for Kate in her childhood years, as she became slightly more self-conscious about her weight, was when she went to the public pool with her family in a cute bathing costume only to receive a letter from the other girls telling her she can’t play with them anymore because she embarrasses them.

They even cruelly drew a little piggy on the note!

How those children were not reprimanded in some or other way is beyond us, but Papa Jack, of course, came to princess Kate’s rescue in the sweetest way:

Kate’s battle with her weight was ongoing and followed her into adulthood. So the scenes in which she tries to overcome the issues she has with her body, while viewers are reminded of her childhood experiences through the show’s use of flashbacks, are probably the most challenging to watch. 

3. Kevin and Randall’s brotherly love

The show’s flashbacks also show that, growing up, Kevin and Randall weren’t really all that close as siblings. For the most part, Kevin felt as though he didn’t get as much attention as his adoptive brother, Randall, and Randall felt as though Kevin never truly accepted him as a brother.

As a result, Randall often turned to and developed a stronger relationship with his father, Jack, particularly when he was stressed out about school. Sometimes, he just needed some encouragement and comfort, which he always seemed to find in his father's arms.

But several years later, on the cusp of his stage debut and subsequent success in his acting career, Kevin received a call from Randall, and could perhaps finally be the brother Randall always wanted, in a ‘what would dad do?’ moment.

4. Kevin’s explanation of life

In one of Kevin’s less comedic and rather inspiring moments he explains to his nieces, who started asking an existential question or two, the way life works through a painting that looks a lot like a Jackson Pollock. Again, this seems like a complete overstatement, but most of the moments in this series are just that inspiring.

“Just because someone dies, just because you can’t see them or talk to them anymore, it doesn’t mean they’re not still in the painting. I think maybe that’s the point of the whole thing. There’s no dying. There’s no you, or me, or them. There’s just us. And this sloppy, wild, colourful, magical thing that has no beginning, it has no end, it’s right here – I think it’s us.”

5. Jack’s vow to carry his son through life

While the series shows how Rebecca, and particularly Kevin, struggle with having an adoptive family member, the show certainly shows us how beautiful and close a blended family can be.

In every scene showing Randall’s childhood, the series highlighted the extent to which his adoptive parents would go to love and protect him.

In our favourite scene, Jack and Rebecca take Randall to a karate class, in which all the young boys and their fathers, as well as the teacher, are black.

But before welcoming Randall to join the class, the teacher calls upon Jack in a touching initiation ceremony to give Randall the security he needs by vowing to carry him through life.

Thus, in a symbolic gesture, Jack is asked to lie on his stomach and stretch himself out on the floor for Randall to get onto his back. The teacher asks, “Are you willing to hold him up no matter what comes his way?”, “Are you willing to raise this young boy into a strong man?”, “Are you willing to push him to be the best man in the world he can be?”.

And with every push-up, to every question, carrying his son on his back, Jack responds with a sure and resolute “yes”.

I am in tears.

And not because it's allergy season.

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