UK troll has locals going off their trolleys after proposing a ban on kids inside shopping carts

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'This person clearly doesn’t have kids and should rather mind their own business!' (iStock)
'This person clearly doesn’t have kids and should rather mind their own business!' (iStock)

In life, there are only two types of people, you're either a "person against children in trolleys" or you're a parent as we recently learned after publishing a UK-based troll's unpopular opinion. 

In Anyone else thinks stores should ban kids inside trolleys?, we shared the troll's suggestion which local moms and dads jumped on with high voltage parental fury. 

And while UK-based parents overwhelming protested banning kids in trolleys, Parent24 readers found themselves divided. 

From the Facebook tongue lashings to our filled up inbox, here's a look at what our readers had to say. 

The mind your own business squad 


"The person who asked this question has probably never gone shopping with a toddler! My daughter is 4 and if she is not inside the trolley, she's hanging on to it from the front. If she isn’t doing either of this, she is pushing the trolley and bumping into everything or is pulling everything into the trolley. Nightmare!"

'People get irritated with children getting in their way' 

"The person against children in trolleys clearly does not have children. In today's unsafe environment where children are stolen, it is safer to have your child in a trolley where you have eyes on him or her all the time. Where children run free in malls and shops you quickly learn how other people get irritated with children getting in their way when they do their shopping. Children can't tell when you are in a hurry or that they are in your way to get to the shelves. So please think before you lash out on parents trying to keep their children safe and out of harm's way, also just wanting to shop for what is needed". 

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'Mind your business' 

"This person clearly doesn’t have kids and should rather mind their own business!" 

'Can you imagine having to do groceries and chasing after an 18-month-old?' 

My granddaughter is 18 months and very active. I have to put her inside the trolley or else she will be running the alleys trying to "buy" as she calls it. It is so frustrating. The best thing is to put her inside the trolley". 

'Why would you want to ban kids in trolleys?'

"In a trolley you as parent can control what your kid touches and who comes close to your child. So why, I ask, would you want to ban kids in trolleys?" 

'Imagine if 50 kids were to run around the shop unaccounted for...' 

"Trolleys were designed for kids to be placed in that space, I don't know what's the beef about. Imagine if 50 kids were to run around the shop unaccounted for, and parents shouting on their whereabouts. That could be a nightmare and hence the safest way is to put them in that trolley and no hassles at all". 

And on the other side of the fence, team 'this must stop' 

'Who knows where those feet have been?' 

Kids should not be allowed in trolleys; the practice should be banned. It's a basic hygiene principle. Who knows where those feet have been, then someone unknowingly puts foodstuff in the same trolley, ugh! As for kids running around in the aisles, there's a simple solution - it's called teaching kids manners and discipline". 

'He fell off the trolly in a blink of an eye'

"Should be banned in supermarkets. I had a pre-schooler a few years ago, a 3-year-old boy fell off a trolley. The parents were busy taking stuff off the shelf. He fell off the trollye in a blink of an eye. The trauma the kid and parents went through. For six months he did not come to school. He had to use a bike helmet for about six months, and he wasn't allowed to play with the other kids when he returned. Moms and dads, take care of your children".

'This must stop' 

"It is disgusting, Covid or no Covid. Dirty shoes and behinds in a shopping trolley: This must stop immediately". 

'Some of us don't have support systems'

"The answer is very simple. Why not using a light passenger vehicle like a truck? Trolleys in shops are designed to carry goods around and not children. Unfortunately, some of us who don't have support systems in place are the culprits of pushing children around in trolleys". 


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