"Two miscarriages in 4 months"


I have been on Evra patches since after the delivery of my son Vukosi (January 2008), I stopped it in December 2011 as we (me and my husband Lawrence) decided that it was time for another child. My NLMP was on the 04th of April 2012, I decided to take the pregnancy test even though it was still early because I had all the symptoms and signs and the test was positive on the 05th of May, that meant that my EDD was the beginning of January and January is the birth month of our son so the excitement was extreme and if I happen to deliver in December it was still fine because it is my Mom's birth month.

I went to see my Gynae on the 17th and she could see the well prepared uterus but could not visualize the gestational pole even with the trans-vaginal ultrasound. So we decided to do the blood test (beta hcg) on the 18th just to make sure, it came back high (943 IU/L).

On the 20th of May me and my husband went to the baby-expo at the Coke-Cola Dome and and I subscribed for YPM issues, later that day I started bleeding and I passed big clots, I knew that it was a miscarriage and I told my husband, but we did not do anything about it as I was not actively bleeding and I knew that even the best Gynaecologist was not gonna do much about it.

So the following day on Monday I repeated the blood test to confirm, my worst fear was then confirmed, beta hcg was lower than the first one (399 IU/L). We went to the Gynae and she checked with the sonar and found that my uterus was then smaller and did not need any evacuation. We also asked her if we should wait a certain period before trying again and the answer was no, we did not need to wait.

We timed my ovulation and I fell pregnant immediately, my LMP was the 20th of May (during my miscarriage). I took several home pregnancy tests and blood beta hcg, all of them were positive, so it meant that my EDD was late Feb or early March (my birthday is in March so both months were exciting for us because even if I were to deliver in Feb it meant that our son born in Jan and our second child will be Feb and then my birthday in March).

We went back to the Gynae, We went every second week because of the previous history and she started me on Prometrium. During my check-ups, the gestational pole did not show any progress but the gestational sac was very clear, so my gynae decided that i must do the quantitative beta hcg of which i did on the 17th and the 19th of August.

We went to the gynae on the 23rd to get the results: 17/08/2012 beta hcg= around 30 thousands and 19/08/2012 = down to 20 thousand confirming another miscarriage, I broke down and cried in from of my gynae, lucky enough my husband was there with me in all the appointment, she gave me an option of doing evacuation the very same day or come back on a Tuesday as we were also going to send specimen for FISH as part of the investigations for recurrent pregnancy looses.

We agreed on doing it on Tuesday. results came back with a normal genetic analysis of a girl. All my antenatal results are within acceptable ranges including my coagulation profile and a thyroid function test. What helped me cope is my husband who was very supportive, he was with me through everything.

YPM page on Facebook is another thing that kept me going because I opened another account with a ghost name (as most women on that page are ghost), it helped me talk about the whole progress and process, i got myself ghost friends and they were very supportive with their encouraging messages.

I thank God Almighty for the strength that he gave me through all this and for giving me such a wonderfull husband, if I were to marry again, i would not think twice, I would marry him again (Makasani Lawrence Mashele)

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