'Shocked by what God can do': Limpopo mom on her infertility battle and welcoming triplets at 39

"Keep believing in miracles." (Supplied)
"Keep believing in miracles." (Supplied)

They don’t call it a fertility journey for nothing, and no one knows this better than local mom Grace. After giving birth to her first daughter in 1987, the Limpopo-based mom remained inexplicably infertile for 20 years.

And after finally conceiving again in 2007, Grace was devastated to miscarry at 12 weeks.

But disappointment turned to joy and then disbelief soon after when at 39, she learned she was expecting triplets.

'We were all shocked'

"At first, I consulted a GP and he confirmed the pregnancy, but he said there was also a cist... he referred us to a gynaecologist. He too confirmed the pregnancy. He said 'Baby no. 1, baby no.2 and baby no.3. How did you do it?'"

Despite the good news, Grace tells Parent24 she began questioning whether her babies would make it to full term.

"We started thinking about what will happen because my womb had failed to carry one child the previous year. I asked my husband to take me to the park to be alone to be able to digest what I was just told".

Amazingly, Grace says both the pregnancy and birth proceeded without any complications, and she welcomed her two boys Ndivhuwo and Tshilidzi, and girl, Morongwa, via C-section on 28 August 2008. 


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'It was a struggle'

Adjusting to life with three babies while working was not easy, Grace tells Parent24.

"When they were young, one child would cry and wake up the other two. I would stay up at night to breastfeed and would still wake up in the morning and go to work. I breastfed them until they were 5 months. It was a struggle".


Twelve years later, the fraternal triplets are in Grade 6 and have different personalities.

"Tshilidzi is an introvert and he likes gadgets and is very intelligent. Ndivhuwo likes riding his bicycle and playing with his friends… He loves the mirror. Morongwa is a girl who doesn't want to do anything if the boys are not doing anything. She is very noisy and an attention seeker," Grace says. 

Children in school uniform

'It helps to keep believing in miracles'

With the triplets almost reaching their teens, the now 51-year-old Grace says her children are growing up very fast and during lockdown, she's been grateful to able to spend more time watching them grow.

"To me, lockdown means spending quality time with my family 24/7. Protecting them as a parent and it feels good". 

For Grace, being a mom is a miracle and she is encouraging couples battling infertility not to suffer in silence and to approach the situation together.

"Make sure you get help together as a couple. Because men can be in denial and think that only women can be infertile. Support each other".

She also credits her faith in God as a huge source of strength during her many years of infertility.

"It helps to keep believing in miracles when you hear other people's success stories… Children are gifts from God… believe in him for your own miracle. I got mine!"


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