An incredible way to do maths: finger calculations the Indian way

We're not talking about counting to 10 on our fingers. Indian children are taught to do complex calculations quickly using a finger system that mimics an abacus.

To see how they do this mental maths, without using pen and paper, watch here:

Another good example:

To start off counting, watch this simple video:

To understand the finger-counting system a bit better, watch this video by Azais Idream (warning: it's a bit slow – but when it comes to maths, so am I):

If you followed this video above, then you may perhaps follow how this 5-year-old is doing simple maths, posted by simkayleong:

Do your kids do finger calculations? Do you think it gives them an advantage? Was it difficult for them to learn? Share your comments by emailing and we may publish them.

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