What do extramurals cost in SA in 2019?

If your child is interested in a new activitiy, find out if she can take one free trial class.
If your child is interested in a new activitiy, find out if she can take one free trial class.

The back to school rush often includes getting your head around which extracurricular activities would best suit your child, your schedule... and your pocket! 

Sometimes, a school may not offer the kinds of activities your child is interested in. But moving away from the school grounds to find suitable extramurals could mean racking up the costs. 

The cost of extramurals varies greatly and will depend on your child's age, level of expertise, whether he or she takes group or individual lessons, whether it's offered at the school premises or elsewhere, and even where you live.

The qualifications and experience of the instructor can also make a huge difference: you'll pay far less for piano lessons from a music student than from a renowned concert pianist, for example.

Activities could also require extra costs for equipment, uniforms, competitions and exams.  

Below we give a range of approximate fees, based on real examples across the country. We called dozens of service providers to get a price range, but you may find a service that falls outside of our price range.

Some activities require a once-off registration fee, which can range from R50 to R500 or more.

Top tip:

If your child is interested in a new activity, find out if she can take one free trial class. This way she can see if she's really interested and whether she gets along with the instructor. Be sure to ask about discounts on certain packages since instructors and schools often offer discounts if parents pay up front for a full term. You could also inquire about alternative payment plans since most instructors and schools are open to creating special payment plans to suit individual budgets. Sibling packages are another arrangement to be aware of.

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How do you stay on top of your child's extra mural activities? Checklists, schedules, apps? What do you pay for extramurals? Tell usand we and we could publish your letter. Do let us know if you'd like to stay anonymous.  

Dancing and movement

  • Ballet: R360-R1350 per term (about 30- 45 minutes per week) for preschool to primary school kids, and R400-R2550 a term (about 45-60 minutes per week) for kids in high school.
  • Ballet companies: If your child shows potential and wants to take her ballet further, she may be able to join a ballet company like the Johannesburg Youth Ballet. There will be annual membership fees, which vary from R2000 per year up to R2000 per month, depending on the company.
  • Hip-hop, funk and jazz, modern dancing and ballroom dancing: R200-R500 a month (40-90 minutes a week).
  • Tap dance: R200-R1000 a month (about 60 minutes per week).
  • Gymnastics: R650-R1228 per term (about 30-60 minutes per week) for preschool to primary school kids or R70-R1000 per month. Parents to children aged 13 and up are looking at R1000–R2000 per term (1.5–2hrs per week). Annual association fees payable to the South African Gymnastics Federation may range from R70-R525, depending on whether the child competes in championships or not. 
  • Tiny Tumblers: Movement or "tumbling" classes for preschoolers: R580-R1550 a quarter (group class, once a week for an hour, at school premises). 
  • Clamber Club for preschoolers: R1300-R1590 per term (group class, once a week, at preschool). This cost could vary depending on your location. 
  • Ice-skating (Learn to skate): R27-R94 per lesson or R90-380 a month (30 minutes to 1 hour, groups), or R750 for an 8-week course. This cost excludes the price of skates. Some clubs may charge a joining fee which could amount to R100 or more. 
  • Synchronised ice skating: R200 per month for a 1-hour lesson per week. 
  • Figure skating: R75 per 30-minute lesson, R250-R400 per month for a 1-hour lesson per week (excluding the cost for skates).


  • Music lessons (instruments, vocals and music theory): R800-R1400 a month, R1320-R2795 per term, or R670-R1270 per course. 
  • Music for toddlers: R150 per class or R600-R1800 per term (group classes).
  • Instrument hire per month: Violins (around R120), cellos (R240-R300), clarinets (R180-R300), saxophones (R280-R350), digital pianos (R200-R400). Consumables such as strings and reeds excluded.
  • Orchestras and choirs: R900-R4200 a year for membership. This can go up to about R7000 per year when including costs like camps and transport to and from concerts.

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Performance arts 

  • Speech and drama: R370 per month or R650-R2200 per term. 
  • Musical theatre: R430-R500 per month or R1100-R6825 per term. Includes different dance styles, drama and musical theatre training. 

Water sport

  • Learn to swim: R100-R160 per 30 min lesson or R100-R575 per month (30 – 60-minute group lesson, once per week).
  • Stroke correction and squad classes: R175-R900 a month (30 minutes a week, group lessons).
  • Water polo: R250 per 60-minute session or R900-2000 per term (60 minutes per week). 
  • Lifesaving: R400-R1100 per season.  
  • Surfing: R150-R500 per one-hour group lesson (cost includes all required equipment and use of amenities), or R300-R1500 per one-on-one lesson (cost here may exclude required equipment). 
  • Stand-up paddling: R230-R420 per one-hour group lesson, R400 and upwards for a one-hour private lesson.


  • Soccer: R1250- R3750 per season.
  • Soccer for preschoolers: R1100-R1800 per season. 
  • Cricket: R550-R2200 per season. 
  • Cricket for preschoolers: R495-R2650 per season. 
  • Tennis: R150 per group lesson (45-60minutes), R225-R275 per private lesson (1 hour), R1200-R2310 per term (groups), or R5816 per term (private). 
  • Tennis for preschoolers: R1200 per term. 
  • Golf: R175 for 30-minute lesson (private), R528 per month (groups) or R650-R1000 per term (1hour, groups). 
  • Golf for toddlers: (4-6 years): R235 per month or R700-R3000 per term. 
  • Baseball: R650-R1200 a season (October to March). This excludes the cost of club memberships. 
  • Horse riding: R250-R300 per 1-hour lesson, R1160-R1300 per month (1 lesson a week), or R989 per term. 
  • Stabling / leasing a horse: R900-R5000 a month.
  • Rock climbing: Around R260-R500 monthly, and you may be required to pay a joining fee which ranges from R200-R400. 
  • Archery: R150-R220 per hour (groups), R230-R460 per hour (one-on-one). 
  • Fencing: R790 per hour for a once-off private lesson or R490-R680 per month (one private lesson a week). 
  • Chess: R150-R500 an hour (private coaching).

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Martial arts and boxing

  • Karate: R550-R590 a month (60 minutes a week), plus annual affiliation fees of R100-R300. May include grading fees, though some academies require a R100-R300 grading fee 2-3 times a year.
  • Mixed martial arts: R150-R550 a month. 
  • Boxing: R400-R500 a month (club membership, lessons included). Individual training can range from R20 a month (2 hours a week) to R350 an hour.

Arts and crafts

  • Art classes: R100-R900 a month, or R450 to R800 per term. May (or may not) include basic art materials.
  • Art expression and therapy: Around R350-R790 per hour session. These classes don't focus on mastering skills, but on expressing creativity and emotions regardless of artistic ability.
  • Pottery: R95-R200 per class (60-90 minutes). Includes material.
  • Calligraphy: R800–R2700 per course. Excludes material.

Scouts, guides and cubs

The first few weeks are usually free, until your child's investiture (the official induction as a scout). Membership fees vary from troop to troop, but can run from R1,040-R2,000 a year (R260 to R500 per term). There can also be a once-off annual fee that includes some equipment and uniform items.


  • Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho or Tswana classes for children: R580-R1340 per course (1 hour a week, groups), or R2200-R2970 per course (private).
  • French for children: R900-R1400 per term (group lessons). Course material excluded.
  • Spanish for beginners: R1850-R8000 a course. Course material included.
  • Mandarin: R1340 per course. (1 hour a week, groups).

Science and technology

  • Little Lab Coats: R65-R230 registration fee plus R550-R600 per term. Explore science through songs, stories and experiments. Includes a white lab coat.
  • e2 Young Engineers: R400-R700 per year. Enrichment programmes that use Lego to teach principles of science, technology, engineering, arts and maths.
  • Coding workshops: R790 per month, or R580 to R800 per term.

Young entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills for children (7-15 years): R300 a month or R750 a term. This excludes the cost of required materials. 

Finishing school

Self-care, etiquette and social skills for teenage girls: R6950-R9000 for a 2-day workshop. 

Chat back:

How do you stay on top of your child's extramural activities? Checklists, schedules, apps? What do you pay for extramurals? Tell us, and we and we could publish your letter. Do let us know if you'd like to stay anonymous.  

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