True, Stormi, Chicago and 33 other Kardashian-Jenner baby names


Congratulations are in order to the Kardashian-Jenner fam who welcomed little baby girl True Thompson to the world last Thursday, 12 April. 

In the expected KUWTK style, Khloé's choice in name – which she shared yesterday – has everyone talking. 

It'll probably take some time to get used to but according to Kris Jenner, the name actually runs in the family, and is the name of her own paternal grandfather, True Otis Houghton, and father Robert True Houghton. But haters be like: 

They clearly growing by the dozens so if you're stuck on a name for your new arrival, you can't go wrong by drawing some inspiration from reality TV royalty.

With names ranging from the unique to the plain, you might find just the name you were looking for.

Here we list the first and middle names of the K-fam. 

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Alexander (M)/ Alexandra (F) 
Meaning: Defender of man
Origin: Greek

Aston (M) 
Meaning: From the eastern town 
Origin: English

Brandon (M) 
Meaning: From the beacon hill
Origin: English

Brody (M)
Meaning: Second son 
Origin: Scottish

Burton (M) 
Meaning: From the fortified town
Origin: English

Cassandra (F) 
Meaning: Prophetess
Origin: Latin

Caitlyn (F)
Meaning: Pure one, innocent
Origin: Celtic, Irish

Chicago (U) 
Meaning: Place of the wild onion
Origin: Native American

Dash (M) 
Meaning: From the ash
Origin: English

Dream (U)
Meaning: Joy, mirth, noisy merriment
Origin: Old English

Eva (F) 
Meaning: life, living one

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James (M) 
Meaning: Supplanter; one who follows
Origin: Latin

Kendall (U) 
Meaning: Valley on the river Kent, from the bright valley
Origin: English 

Khloé (F) 
Meaning: Young green shoot, blooming, verdant
Origin: Greek

Kimberly/Kim (F) 
Meaning: From the wood of the royal forest, from the royal fortress meadow
Origin: English

Kourtney (U) 
Meaning: From Courtenay in France
Origin: French 

Kristen (F)  
Meaning: Follower of Christ, the anointed
Origin: Latin, Greek 

Kylie (F) 
Meaning: A boomerang
Origin: Aboriginal

Leah (F) 
Meaning: The light of the sun, glad tidings
Origin: Celtic-Gaelic, Greek

Lynn (F) 
Meaning: Lake, a cascade, pond, waterfall 
Origin:  Welsh

Mason (M) 
Meaning: One who works with stone
Origin: French

Mary (F) 
Meaning: Wished-for child
Origin: Hebrew

Nicole (F) 
Meaning: People's victory
Origin: Greek

Noel (M) 
Meaning: Christmas
Origin: French

North (U)
Meaning: The highest point; north 
Origin: Old English

Penelope (F) 
Meaning: Weaver
Origin: Greek 

Reign (U) 
Meaning: Ruler
Origin: Latin

Renée (F) 
Meaning: Reborn, to rise again
Origin: French

Robert/Rob (M)
Meaning: Famed, bright; shining
Origin: German 

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Sam (U) 
Meaning: Sun child; bright sun
Origin: Hebrew 

Saint (U)
Meaning: Sacred, holy
Origin: Latin 

Scotland (U) 
Meaning: Place name, land of the Scottish (from Scoti: the Gaels)
Origin: Latin

Storm/Stormi (U) 
Meaning: Tempest
Origin: Teutonic

Thompson (M) 
Meaning: son of Thom
Origin: Scottish 

True (U) 
Meaning: genuine, upright, honest loyal or faithful
Origin: English

William (M) 
Meaning: Strong-willed Warrior
Origin: German

Which of these names strikes your fancy? Would you name your child after a Kardashian? Tell us below. 

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