From Aisha to Khalid and Walid: 200 Arabic baby names and meanings

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Aisha Baker just revealed the name of her baby boy and we round up a list of Arabic baby names we think are similarly beautiful.
Aisha Baker just revealed the name of her baby boy and we round up a list of Arabic baby names we think are similarly beautiful.

First-time parents, Aisha Baker and SA cricketer, Wayne Parnell, named their beautiful baby boy Khalid, in 2018.

The blogger mom explained on Instagram that her bundle of joy was "named after the great Khalid ibn Al Walid, a warrior in Islam, a revered Muslim and companion of the prophet (SAW)". "Ibn" in Arabic means the "son of", which therefore means Khalid was the son of Walid, who was also a warrior in Islam, and Walid is also the name of Aisha's husband! Coincidence? Hmmm.

And if that wasn't already majestic enough, we looked up the Arabic meaning of Khalid and found that it also means one who is "eternal", "everlasting" - a truly magnificent name for her beautiful baby boy.

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We know that choosing a name for your little one who, from the very moment you meet, brings so much joy into your life, isn't the easiest task in the world. We're sure Aisha and Wayne also took their time while she was pregnant choosing their little one's name. And if you too have a little one on the way, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed looking for the perfect baby name. But if it's specifically a beautiful Arabic baby name you're after, you've come to the right place. We've rounded up a list of both girl and boy baby names and their meanings for your perusal. Take a look!

(By the way, a lot of names we thought were Arabic turned out to be Persian so they were left out of this list.) 


Aaban (F)

Meaning: Name of the angel Aaban.

Aadil (M)

Meaning: Just; upright.

Aahil (M)

Meaning: Prince.

Aaminah (F)

Meaning: Secured; safe.

Aanisah (F)

Meaning: Young lady; maiden.

Aara (F)

Meaning: Adoring.

Aariz (M)

Meaning: Respectable man.

Aasia (F)

Meaning: Hope.

Aatif (M)

Meaning: Kind; affectionate.

Aabidah (F)

Meaning: Worshipper.

Aadilah (F)

Meaning: Just; honest; equal; upright.

Aaliyah (F)

Meaning: Exhalted; highest social standing.

Aabish (F)

Meaning: Daughter of Sa'd who was queen of Iran (AN).

Aafreen (F)

Meaning: Brave; acclaim.

Aamilah (F)

Meaning: Doer of good deeds.

Aamirah (F)

Meaning: Imperial; Abundant; Inhabitant.

Aamir (M)

Meaning: Civilised.

Aaqib (M)

Meaning: Follower.

Aarif (M)

Meaning: Knowing, aware.

Aasif (M)

Meaning: An able minister.

Aatika (F)

Meaning: Generous.

Aarifah (F)

Meaning: Knowing; woman who recognises Islam.

Aashir (M)

Meaning: Living.

Aasim (M)

Meaning: Person who keeps away from sins.

Abbas (M)

Meaning: Description of a lion.

Abdul Ahad (M)

Meaning: Servant of the One.

Abdullah (M)

Meaning: Servant of God.

Abdu Daiyaan (M)

Meaning: A mighty ruler, judge, protector; one who doesn't render deed worthless but compensates.

Adam (M)

Meaning: Son; man.

Adnan (M)

Meaning: Son of the prophet Ismaeel; one who settles in a place for a long time.

A'idah (F)

Meaning: Guest; the one who is returning.

A'ishah (F)

Meaning: Wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Almira (F)

Meaning: 'Trust without question'.

Ahmed (M)

Meaning: Praiseworthy.

Afsheen (F)

Meaning: Shine like a star.

Aisha (F)

Meaning: Life; vivaciousness; living prosperous, youngest wife of the prophet (PBUH).

Aleena (F)

Meaning: Silk of heaven.

Ali (M)

Meaning: Noble; sublime.

Alima (F)

Meaning: Wise; learned; learned in music and dancing.

Amal (F)

Meaning: Hope; longing.

Ammar (M)

Meaning: Long-living; one who brings a place back to life.

Amelia (F)

Meaning: Trustworthy; beautiful.

Amir (M)

Meaning: Prince.

Amira (F)

Meaning: Princess.

Aneeqa (F)

Meaning: Beautiful.

Asad (M)

Meaning: Fortunate; lion.

Ashraf (M)

Meaning: Most noble; honourable.

Asim (M)

Meaning: Protector; guardian.

Asma (F)

Meaning: Beautiful; exhalted, high, great.

Atiya (F)

Meaning: Gift from Allah.

Aqeel (M)

Meaning: Intelligent; sensible; reasonable.

Ayoob (M)

Meaning: Name of a prophet.

Azim (M)

Meaning: Protector.

Azzam (M)

Meaning: Resolute or persevering.


Bashir/Bashiera (M) (F)

Meaning: Bearer of glad tidings; bringer of good news.

Baqir (M)

Meaning: Learned; lion.

Bilal (M)

Meaning: Satisfies thirst; name of the Prophet's muezzin (one who calls for prayer).



Daania (F)

Meaning: Beautiful.

Dariya (F)

Meaning: Good-mannered; lady-like; intelligent; perceptive.

Daniyal (M)

Meaning: Intelligent.

Daiyaan (M)

Meaning: A mighty ruler, judge, protector; one who doesn't render deed worthless but compensates.

Dawood (M)

Meaning: Name of a prophet (David).


Ebrahim (M)

Meaning: Name of a prophet (Abraham).

Eesa (M)

Meaning: The Arabic translation of Jesus.

Ehsan (M)

Meaning: Charitable.

Elham (F)

Meaning: Inspiring.

Eshal (F)

Meaning: Name of flower in heaven.


Fadilah (F)

Meaning: Praiseworthy; excellent.

Fakhir (M)

Meaning: Excellent; so good that it makes you proud.

Farah (F)

Meaning: Joy.

Farouk (M)

Meaning: One who can distiguish between right and wrong.

Fahim (M)

Meaning: Scholar; learned man.

Fareedah (F)

Meaning: unique

Farhan (M)

Meaning: Happy.

Fatima (F)

Meaning: One who abstains.

Fayez (M)

Meaning: Victorious.

Fayyad (M)

Meaning: Generous.

Fazil (M)

Meaning: Superior.

Firdaus (F)

Meaning: Garden of paradise.


Ghaalib (M)

Meaning: Victor.

Ghaffar (M)

Meaning: Forgiving.


Habeeba (F)

Meaning: Beloved.

Hakim (M)

Meaning: Wise.

Halima (F)

Meaning: Soft, gentle, patient.

Hamid (M)

Meaning: To praise.

Hammad (M)

Meaning: Praised; one who praises.

Hannan (F)

Meaning: Compassionate.

Haris (M)

Meaning: Guardina; protector.

Haroun (M)

Meaning: Brother of prophet Moosa.

Hashim (M)

Meaning: Brave destroyer of evil.

Hayfa (F)

Meaning: Delicate; slender.

Humaira (F)

Meaning: Red.

Hussein (M)

Meaning: Handsome; beautiful.


Iman (F)

Meaning: Faithful.

Ibrahim (M)

Meaning: Father of multitude; a prophet's name (Abraham).

Ibtisaam (F)


Idris (M)

Meaning: Name of a prophet.

Igsaan (M)

Meaning: Kindness; beneficence; highest level of faith.

Ikhlaas (M)

Meaning: Sincere.

Ilham (F)

Meaning: Inspiration.

Ilyaas (M)

Meaning: A prophet's name.

Imaad (M)

Meaning: Pillar of strength; support; confidence.

Imran (M)

Meaning: A prophet's name.

Irshaad (M)

Meaning: Guiding hand, guidance, direction.

Ismaeel (M)

Meaning: Son of the prophet Ebrahim (Abraham). 

Isra (F)

Meaning: Night journey.

Ishtiyaq (M)

Meaning: Longing, craving.

Insaaf (F)

Meaning: Moral, fair, just.

Imtiyaaz (M)

Meaning: Distinction; prominence.


Jahaan (F)

Meaning: World; universe; cosmos.

Jamal (M)

Meaning: Handsome; beautiful.

Jamila (F)

Meaning: Gorgeous woman.

Jawaad (M)

Meaning: Noble; generous.

Jibran (M)

Meaning: Reward; to create good change.

Junaid (M)

Meaning: Soldier, warrior.


Kabir (M)

Meaning: Great; powerful; leader.

Kader (M)

Meaning: Powerful.

Kamal (M)

Meaning: Excellence.

Kameel (M)

Meaning: Perfect.

Karim (M)

Meaning: Generous; noble.

Khadija (F)

Meaning: Wife of the prophet.

Khairunnisa (F)

Meaning: Lady of peace.

Khalil (M)

Meaning: Close friend.

Khalid (M)

Meaning: Lives forever.


Laiq/Laeeqah (M) (F)

Meaning: Worthy; capable; deserving.

Lameez (F)

Meaning: Soft.

Latief (M)

Meaning: Kindness or gentleness.

Layla (F)

Meaning: Beautiful night; woman of the night.

Lutfiya (F)

Meaning: Delicate; graceful.

Luqmaan (M)

Meaning: Wise; some say it was also the name of a prophet in Islam.


Mahdi (M)

Meaning: Guided well.

Mahir (M)

Meaning: Skilled, talented.

Mahmoud (M)

Meaning: Praiseworthy.

Malik (M)

Meaning: King.

Malika (F)

Meaning: Queen.

Mansour (M)

Meaning: Has divine help.

Manha (F)

Meaning: Gift of Allah.

Mariam/Maryam (F)

Meaning: Arabic form of 'Mary', mother of Jesus.

Maroof (M)

Meaning: Good; kind.

Maseeh (M)

Meaning: One who is blessed with piety.

Masood (M)

Meaning: Good luck.

Mikaeel (M)

Meaning: The name of an angel.

Moemina (F)

Meaning: Faithful; believing woman.

Mohamed (M)

Meaning: Name of the final prophet (PBUH)

Moosa (M)

Meaning: Name of a prophet.

Muammar (M)

Meaning: Long-lived.

Muazzam (M)

Meaning: Exalted; glorified; honoured.

Mubeena (F)

Meaning: Clear, evident.

Mueez (M)

Meaning: Giver of advice, admonition and protection.

Muhsien (M)

Meaning: Benefactor; benevolent; charitable.

Mujeeb (M)

Meaning: One who responds to someone who asks for help.

Mukhtar (M)

Meaning: Chosen one.

Muneeb (M)

Meaning: One who constantly turns to Allah.

Musfirah (F)

Meaning: beautiful; radiant; glowing with happiness (particularly in reference to a woman's radiant face). 

Mustapha (M)

Meaning: Chosen; One of the prophet's names.


Naeem (M)

Meaning: Comfort; grace.

Nabilah (F)

Meaning: Noble.

Nadeem (M)

Meaning: Companion, confidant, friend; Repentant. 

Nadia (F)

Meaning: Delicate, tender. (The Russian meaning is "hope".)

Nadir (M)

Meaning: Beloved.

Nailah (F)

Meaning: Successful.

Naima (F)

Meaning: Calm.

Naseema (F)

Meaning: Cool breeze.

Nasir/Nasira (M)(F)

Meaning: Supporter.

Nawra (F)

Meaning: Bloom.

Nawaal (F)

Meaning: A heavenly gift.

Nazeer (M)

Meaning: One who warns.

Nisaar (M)

Meaning: Sacrifice.

Nishaat (F)

Meaning: Liveliness, energy. 

Niyaaz (M)

Meaning: Desire.

Nooh (M)

Meaning: Name of prophet.

Nuhaa (F)

Meaning: Intelligent; wise; sound-minded.

Nur (M)

Meaning: Light.

Nura (F)

Meaning: Filled with light.

Nihann (M)

Meaning: Latent; hidden; secret.


Omaira (F)

Meaning: Red.

Omar (M)

Meaning: To flourish or to thrive.

Osama (M)

Meaning: Lion.



Qadir (M)

Meaning: Full of power.


Rabia (F)

Meaning: Fourth.

Raeesa (F)

Meaning: Leader, master.

Rafiq (M)

Meaning: Kind or compassionate friend.

Rahim/Rahima (M) (F)

Meaning: Kind; to show mercy.

Rameez (M)

Meaning: Noble; wise; level-headed.

Rania (F)

Meaning: Delightful; contented.

Rashad (M)

Meaning: Righteous; blameless.

Rashid (M)

Meaning: Right faith.

Rauf (M)

Meaning: To have compassion.

Rayyan (M)

Meaning: Luxuriant; one of the gates of paradise.

Razana/Razeena (F)

Meaning: Composed, calm, dignified.

Rehan (M)

Meaning: King.

Reza (M)

Meaning: Content, satisfied. 

Ridwaan (M)

Meaning: Pleased, content; devoted to Allah.

Riyaaz (M)

Meaning: Beautiful garden.

Riyad (M)

Meaning: Garden.

Roshan (M)

Meaning: Bright Light.

Rushdi (M)

Meaning: Mature; wise.


Saara (F)

Meaning: Wife of a prophet (Ebrahim); pure.

Sabiha (F)

Meaning: Beautiful; bright like the morning.

Saddam (M)

Meaning: One who confronts.

Safia (F)

Meaning: Pure.

Sajied (M)

Meaning: One who prostrates/worships.

Salem (M)

Meaning: Safe; protected.

Salma (F)

Meaning: Safe; peaceful.

Salmaan (M)

Meaning: Safe.

Samir (M)

Meaning: Mountain; hill.

Sarfaraaz (M)

Meaning: Dignified; Respected.

Shaaista (F)

Meaning: Worthy; virtuous.

Shabana (F)

Meaning: Queen-like; noble; leader; the best of the best women.

Shabier (M)

Meaning: Extremely handsome.

Shakira (F)

Meaning: Grateful; thankful.

Shakeel (M)

Meaning: Handsome; good looking.

Shameema (F)

Meaning: Sweet scent, flavour.

Sharif (M)

Meaning: Honest; truthful. 

Shazia (F)

Meaning: Rare, precious, unique.

Shuaib (M)

Meaning: One who shows the right path.

Siddiq (M)

Meaning: Truthful, loyal, devoted, a true friend.

Sumaya (F) 

Meaning: Unique, special.

Suwayd (M)

Meaning: Black.


Tahir (M)

Meaning: Pure.

Tariq (M)

Meaning: To strike; night visitor.

Talib (M)

Meaning: One who seeks.

Taskeen (F)

Meaning: Serenity, tranquility.

Tasneem (F)

Meaning: Fountain of paradise.

Tawfeeq (M)

Meaning: to agree or reconcile; the ability or opportunity to achieve success.

Tayyibah (F)

Meaning: Good; wholesome; virtuous.

Thaakierah (F)

Meaning: Someone who always remembers Allah.

Thana (F)

Meaning: Praise.


Umair (M)

Meaning: Intelligent.

Umar (M)

Meaning: Name of the second Caliph.

Usman (M)

Meaning: Name of the third Caliph.

Uzair (M)

Meaning: Precious; also thought to be a prophet in Islam.


Vega (F)

Meaning: Falling; landing.


Waheed/Waheedah (M) (F)

Meaning: Unique.

Wajiedah (F)

Meaning: Satisfied; wealthy.

Walid (M)

Meaning: Newborn.

Waseefa (F)

Meaning: Describer; one who praises.

Waseem (M)

Meaning: Handsome, attractive.

Widad (F)

Meaning: Unity; harmony; love.

Wisaal (F)

Meaning: Reunion; when lovers meet.



Yameen (M)

Meaning: On the right, right hand.

Yasin (M)

Meaning: Famous; wealthy.

Yasmin (F)

Meaning: Jasmine flower.

Yasser (M)

Meaning: Easy. 

Yaqub (M)

Meaning: Name of a prophet (Jacob).

Yazid (M)

Meaning: Increase.

Yumna (F)

Meaning: Blessing; favoured.

Yusra (F)

Meaning: Prosperous.

Yusuf (M)

Meaning: Name of a prophet (Joseph); god increases.


Zahir (M)

Meaning: Bright, glowing.

Zahra (F)

Meaning: Beautiful, bright, shining; flower, blossom.

Zaida (F)

Meaning: To raise; boost.

Zakkiyah (F)

Meaning: Pure.

Zara (F)

Meaning: Radiant.

Zayaan (F)

Meaning: Something beautiful; bright.

Zayn (M)

Meaning: Beauty; grace.

Zeeshan (M)

Meaning: A high standard.

Zeinab (F)

Meaning: Flower of the desert.

Ziyad (M)

Meaning: To add or to increase.

Zubair (M)

Meaning: Strong, powerful; intelligent, wise.

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