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Please send us the meanings of those names we haven't got.
Please send us the meanings of those names we haven't got.

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SA language baby names

Venda baby names


Adivhaho: He knows
Akonaho: The one who can
Alu: Be prosperous, grow up. Short for Aluwani
Aluwani: Be prosperous, grow up
Ambani: Talk
Andani: Be more
Anzani: Have more faith
Athiambiwi: One who should not be talked about
Avhadali: One who cannot be satisfied
Avhapfani: They do not get along
Avhasei: They are not amused, not laughing
Avhashoni: They are not ashamed, have no honour
Avhatendi: They do not believe
Avhavhudzani: They are not speaking to each other
Azwianewi: Something too shameful, too terrible to tell others about
Azwidali: Something, someone that cannot be satisfied
Azwihangwisi: It is unforgettable
Azwimmbavhi: I am not bothered, not concerned. Also Mmbavhi or Mbavhi
Azwinaki: Brings shame to the family
Azwinndini: I am not bothered, not concerned
Azwinnyandi: Something that does not bring prospects, not good fortune


Bono: Vision


Dakalo: Happiness, joy
Daki: Happiness. Short for Dakalo
Dali: One who cannot be satisfied
Dembe: Miracle
Dowe: Get used  to it. Short for Dowelani
Dowelani: Get used to it
Dzuvha: Rose


Elelwani: To be remembered 


Fhatu: Be careful, be awake. Short for Fhatuwani
Fhatuwani: Be careful, be awake
Fhulu: Hope. Short for Fhulufhedzani and Fhulufhelo
Fhulufhedzani: Be hopeful 
Fhulufhelo: Hope
Fhulufhuwani: Forget it
Funanani: Love each other
Funi: Love one another. Short for Funanani


Gundo: Victory


Hangwani: Has forgotten, forget
Hangwi: Unforgettable. Short for Azwihangwisi and Hangwani
Huli: Respect. Short for Hulisani
Hulisani: Give respect to
Humbe: Ask. Short for Humbelani
Humbelani: Ask
Humbu: Remember. Short for Humbulani
Humbulani: Remember


Khangwe: Forgiveness. Short for Khangwelo
Khangwelo: Forgiveness
Kharendwe: Give praise to Him (God)
Khathu: Forgiveness. Short for Khathutshelo
Khathutshelo: Forgiveness
Khumbu: Remind me, remember me. Short for Nkhumbudzeni or Nkhumbuleni 
Konanani: Be good to one another. 
Kone: Be good to one another. Short for Konanani
Kuvha: Gather, come together. Short for Kuvhanganani
Kuvhanganani: Gather, come together


Linde: Be patient, wait. Short for Lindelani
Lindelani: Be patient, wait
Livhu: Be thankful, grateful. Short for Livhuwani
Livhuwani: Give thanks, be grateful
Lufuno: Love
Lutendo: Faith, believe
Luvhengo: Hatred


Maanda: Power, strength 
Maduvha: Days 
Marubini: A place where a family used to live before civilization, now used for ploughing
Mashudu: Lucky
Matodzi:Tears, generally caused by death in the family
Mbavhi: I am not bothered. Short for Azwimmbavhis
Mbula: Kill me, get rid off me, finish me off. Short for Mmbulaheni
Mfuneni/Mphuneni: Love me
Mmbavhi: I am not bothered. Short for Azwimmbavhi
Mmbulaheni: Kill me, get rid off me, finish me off
Mpfarereli: Forgive me
Mphedziseni: Kill me, finish me off, get rid of me
Muambiwa: One who is talked about
Mudzimu una rine: God is with us, Emmanuel
Mukhethwa: Chosen, He is holy, the chosen one
Mulalo: Peace
Muneiwa: The given one
Murendeni: Praise Him
Murunwa: Angel
Mutali: Clever, bright
Mutshidzi: Saviour
Mutshutshu: One who encourages, encites bad behaviour.
Mutshutshudzi: One who encourages, encites bad behaviour. Short for Mutshutshudzi


Naki: Something that brings shame to the family. Short for Azwinaki
Nale: Refusing to take something that belongs to them back after a fight. Short for Naledzani
Naledzani: Refusing to take something that belongs to them back after a fight
Ndanga: Gang up on me. Short for Nndangeneni
Ndeme: A burden. Short for Ndemedzo 
Ndemedzo: A burden
Ndiene: It's God
Ndivho: Knowledge
Ndivhuwo: Thanks ?
Ndiyafhi: Where do I go?
Nduvho: Praise
Nkhangweleni: Forgive me
Nkhumbudzeni: Remind me
Nkhumbuleni: Remember me
Nndanganeni: Gang up on me
Nndileni: Mourn me 
Nndini: I don't care, I'm not bothered. Short for Azwinndini
Nnyadzeni: Being disrespectful to me 
Nnyawedzeni: Let me rest now, recover from suffering 
Nnyaweleni: Recover after suffering
Ntakuseni: Help me up 
Ntanganedzeni: Accept me
Nthuseni: Help me 
Ntodeni: Find me, look for me
Ntshengedzeni: Torture me
Ntsieni: Leave me, I'm dying 
Ntungufhadzeni: Make me said, hurt me
Nyandi: Something that does not bring prospects. Short for Azwinnyandi
Nyawe: Let me rest now, recover from suffering. Short for Nnyawedzeni, Nnyaweleni


Odivhaho: The one who is knowledgable
Olugaho: It's okay
Ompfa: He heard us
Omphamulweli: He gave someone to fight for me
Orifuna: He love loved us
Orinea: He gave us
Oritonda: He blessed us


Pfani: They do not get along. Short for Avhapfani
Pfare, Pfarelo, Pfharelo: Forgive me, forgiveness. Short for Mpfareleli
Pfuluwani: Move away 
Phathu: Blessings. Short for Phathutshedzo
Phathutshedzo: Blessings
Phedzi: Kill me, finish me off, get rid of me. Short for Mphedziseni
Phusu: Havoc, disturbance


Rabe: Prayer
Rabelani: To pray 
Rendani: Give praise, worship 
Rendi: Give praise
Rinae mulisa: We have a shephered in Jesus
Rofhiwa: We are blessed 
Rokunda: Victory
Rolivhuwa: We are grateful
Ronewa: We are given, we are blessed
Rotondwa: Blessing, we are blessed
Rotshidzwa: We have been saved
Rudzani: Console the suffering
Rudzi: Console the suffering


Sei: They are not amused, not laughing. Short for Avhasei
Shandu: Change
Shandukani: To change
Shoni: They are not ashamed, have no honour. Short for Avhashoni
Shudufhadzo: We are blessed


Takalani: Be happy, rejoice
Taki: Be happy. Short for Takalani
Tanga: Accept me
Tanga: Accept me. Short for Ntanganedzeni
Tendani: Believe me
Tendi: They do not believe. Short for Avhatendi
Thabelo: Prayer
Thanyani: Be careful
Thendo: Praises, faith
Thiambi: Short for Athiambiwi
Thikhathali: One who does not worry
Thilivhali: One who does not forget
Thina: I have nobody
Thinawanga: I have nobody 
Todi: Find me, look for me. Short for Ntodeni
Tondani: Bless
Tshanduko: Change
Tshedza: Light
Tshenge: Torture me. Short for Ntshengedzeni
Tshiananeo: A bad or sad story or event
Tshidino: Something that bothers someone 
Tshifhiwa: Present, gift
Tshilidzi: Grace
Tshililo: Cry
Tshimangadzo: Wonders, surprises, miracles
Tshinya: Disrespect or damaged. Short for Tshinyadzo or Tshinyalani
Tshinyadzo: Disrespect
Tshinyalani: Damaged, cursed, dammed
Tungu: Make me said, hurt me. Short for Ntungufhadzeni


Unarine: God is with us
Uwafulufhedzea: Faithful


Vhudihawe: Her beauty
Vhudzi: They are not on speaking terms. Short for Avhavhudzani
Vhuhwavho: Courtesy?
Vhulenda: Humility
Vhuthuhawe: Kindness, grace, His kindness
Vhutshilo: Life


Wanga: It's mine
Washu: Ours


Zwanga: That which belongs to me, mine
Zwavhudi: Goodness, cute
Zwoluga: It's all fine
Zwonaka: It's beautiful

Sources: Readers' submissions and our Facebook post; Babynames.Mershcat; SA Languages

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