Natasha's birth story: 'Scary second birth'

My second born was a scary experience, when I was 12 weeks pregnant the placenta tore and caused bleeding and I was put on bed rest.

Everything went okay until I was 24 weeks pregnant and I started bleeding again.

Everyone had gone to work so I asked my mom to take me to the doctor. When we got there I was in full labour and the placenta had torn again. The doctor was going to start me on steroids and try and stop the labour. Just before they they moved me to the maternity ward my water broke.

I really needed to pee just before it happened and when I felt it I thought my bladder had burst because with my first born the doctor had to break my water.

They rushed me to the labour ward and I was already fully dilated so my son was coming and there was no stopping it. It all happened so fast. He weighed only 600 grams when he was born.

He would have been 5 this year but he passed away 2 hours later.

This story was shared on our Facebook page. Used with permission.

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