Woman asking the internet whether choosing her life over her unborn child's is wrong receives some surprising answers

"Some things are just best left unsaid"
"Some things are just best left unsaid"

Preparing for worse case scenarios is something most expectant parents can relate to, and one mom just took things to a somewhat uncomfortable place, wanting her husband to choose her life (if it came to it) over that of their unborn child's. 

"Before going in to the hospital," u/Aithana wrote in a Reddit post that has since gone viral, "I talked with my husband that if something were to happen and he needed to choose between myself and our baby, to please choose me." 

But after sharing this with some of her female friends while attending a party, she was shocked by their extreme reactions. 

"My friends were disgusted with my thinking and said that I was an asshole to my husband in asking him to basically kill his baby (those were the exact words), that I was a very negative person and that I needed to rethink my thoughts." 

Posting to Reddit's AmItheAsshole community (because you know sometimes it's hard to tell when you are the asshole in any given situation) the woman wanted the internet to decide whether or not she had indeed been the asshole. 

Officially branded Not the A-hole, u/Aithana's post was met with many others who shared her sentiments:  

"You can make another baby; there can't be another you. Also, if your husband agreed, it's none of their business," said one user, another person agreed but suggested the topic was one best suited to the "Some things are just best left unsaid" category. 

Speaking from a medical perspective, one poster said: "Medically speaking when things are going so horribly wrong with a pregnancy that the mother is about to die, there is a very strong likelihood of the fetus dying too. There's not a ton you can do to save the fetus inside a dead mother.

"Typically in this kind of situation, there is some intervention that could help the mother (medication, etc.) that isn't proven safe for a fetus. So the decision is either save the mother or do nothing.

"It's not a simple ethics puzzle where you have a separate mother and baby, and you're choosing to shoot one or the other."

Calling BS on Aithana's friends' reaction another poster said: "My husband straight up told me that in this situation, he'd choose me. These are important conversations and important considerations. Also, there's a BS assumption that women are supposed to sacrifice everything to be mothers and honestly f that!" 

Others felt a little put off by how casually people viewed the life of an unborn child: 

"The baby's life is not her life, though. You are talking about the baby as if it's an object," said one commenter. 

"'You can make another baby'. I don't like that sentence; every baby is unique too; they are living beings as well and not worthless, just because they are very young," seconded another. 

"'You can make another baby', like it's a cake...or a drawing? That's some pretty casual language for a very serious situation." 

Uncomfortable but necessary conversations 

Putting things into perfect perspective, one poster said that "As awful as it is to think about, your spouse should know your wishes during these types of situations. It's similar to end of life care, extreme life saving/life preserving measures, etc. in that your next of kin should know what you would want if you are unable to make the decision yourself. These are conversations that are necessary to have, especially when faced with an already difficult pregnancy /birth." 

True, it may be a matter of personal opinion no matter which way you look at it, we're at the very least left with one lesson: preparing for the worst case isn't bad, especially when talking pregnancy, labour and birth.

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