Q&A: Diabetic and my water broke at 29 weeks

Dr Bronwyn Moore (gynaecologist) answers:

Before 34 weeks, the premature rupture of membranes (PROM), is managed conservatively as ling as the baby is fine and there are no signs of infection. You are the best incubator for your baby while all is well.

Steroids are given so that if infection develops or if labour starts, your baby can be delivered with the benefit of having had the steroids. This reduces the chances of lung immaturity, NEC, a bowel problem seen in premmies, and brain bleeds.

Being a diabetic, your baby will tend to have immature lungs and so getting steroids is particularly important. Sometimes, the leak seals and amniotic fluid re-accumulates, allowing the pregnancy to progress. Your baby won't suffocate because of the ruptured membranes.

Rest as much as you can. Wear a pad and avoid using tampons. Don't douche or try to clean in the vagina. Contact your doctor if any warning signs of infection develop and go for blood tests and any scans as suggested by your healthcare provider.