Twins at creche

They might have been born premature at 26 weeks, but our twins were ready for the world. They knew numbers, colours,  shapes and alphabet and were almost ready to go to creche.

I say ‘almost’ because being at home so long and preparing them for that day (even having visited the creche before...), just doesn't do all that justice.
Caitlin was the resilient one and 'sometimes' stronger (emotionally), but took her cue from CJ (who always - till today- is not that emotionally secure).

I think it took as much as 3 months before we didn't have an episode almost every Monday. I bet 30 minutes after the drop-off all was forgotten. It's really amazing to see kids sponge up everything before them as their need for stimulus grows and grows. We learnt most of the other childrens' names with their surnames - they seem to have a knack for remembering kids surnames as well, probably because there are often 2 kids with the same name.

Christopher continued receiving his weekly physio sessions. We managed to only last till August, then the medical aid was used up for the year.

Defining their differences

Caitlin stayed as stubborn as always - doing what she wanted and buggered the consequences.
Growing up they were (as most twins are - especially pigeon pairs) two peas in a pod - for example teething was a breeze for Caitlin but it was a bit harder for CJ.

We had the best of both worlds through our kids. As they grow up, we can see the differences in their stages of life and development.

Caitlin's one of a kind - she seems protective over CJ (as if she's the older sister - if only by 15 mins). He senses this and sometimes takes advantage of it. I remember when they were younger how CJ would subtlely boss Caitlin around , fetching things for him or always playing (cars...) with him. BUT let Daddy ask her for anything to do for him, I would be scolded that she's not my servant!
It's not so easy for CJ now anymore that Caitlin has gotten wiser and older. But they still love each other and get along most days !

Being treated as the older sister, Caitlin seemed to think that we 'love' CJ more - not that the one or the other gets any more attention. She would actually misbehave to get attention - we’re still fighting the bed wetting era! We talk to them about all things and spoke to her about this as well. She 'seems' to understand that we love them both the same. It is something that we have to constantly be aware of though.
What are the similarities and differences between your children?
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