Great mom gifts

Gone are the days when flowers and chocolates were all it took to say “Happy Mother’s Day”. Nowadays the pressure’s on. Something personal, something that celebrates motherhood, something meaningful, something that says ‘you’re the best mother in the world, I love you, I treasure you, thanks for 5 years of great suppers’.

Finding the right gift isn’t easy but it’s the best feeling in the world when you get it right. Whether mom is 22 or 62, these Mother’s Day gifts will touch her heart (pssst – they’re great for birthdays and other celebrations too).

Some ideas

Personalise it

You can personalise just about anything through local South African sites (see A word of caution here – show some restraint. While you can personalise anything from pillows to handbags (great with pictures of the kids), stop short of the loo roll cover and lampshade.

Make it memorable

A chest filled with empty boxes labelled with the year and name of the child means easy sorting and storage of memories past and future. Adult children can give their mom a day of sorting through all their old photographs and memorabilia which are now ready to be passed on.

Peaceful sleep

A parent always needs peaceful sleep: why not make up a sleep gift pack with herb pillow, essential oil burner with special oils specially mixed for a lovely night’s sleep, and a CD of the soothing sounds of nature?


Safety is always a concern. Give mom peace of mind when you purchase her an AA membership. Why not throw in a car battery charger for her phone and a torch for night time stops?


Visit a few antique stores to buy mom something special. It doesn’t always matter what it is, when you receive something that’s 100 years old there’s an intrinsic magic to it. Look for broaches, small ornate boxes or books that she’d enjoy.


The gift that keeps on giving: There’s nothing like going to the post and finding a new issue of your favourite magazine each month. To learn more see our magazine pages where we offer easy online subscription offers that include a handwritten gift note.

From a man

Let’s face it, most mothers are gob smacked when their son manages to get into a car, drive to the shops and actually purchase something, so does it really matter what the gift is? That said, please put some effort into this.

While flowers and chocolates are nice, say something a little more on this special day.

A great idea is to use the online site to source gifts. They’ll send them to your mom gift wrapped and with a card and it’s always exciting to get a parcel that says Don’t Open Until Mother’s Day!


Avoid those abstract glass ornaments – don’t sentence her to years of keeping that piece on her shelf.

From the child

Don’t you just love it when a 2 year old toddles up to you with some handpicked flowers, or their best efforts at gift wrapping? Here are some ideas for a gift straight from a little one’s heart.

  • Wrapping paper with paint stamped hand prints all over it (or make a card with baby’s handprint)
  • A baby’s hand cast in plaster, painted in white and varnished, for mom to keep for all times (see our Classifieds for kits on sale)
  • Something beautifully framed – a black and white picture of the child or a pre-schoolers picture of My Family or My Mama. From an older try having an essay on the same topics bound.