'How dare you flush my poo!' and other weird parenting moments

Familiar situations all parents face at some point.
Familiar situations all parents face at some point.

Parenting comes with all kinds of tricky situations. Some are awkward, some are amusing and some are completely frustrating, but it's all part of being a parent.

If you're a new parent then brace yourself, many of these scenarios are in your future! 

Parent24 gathered some common scenes that seasoned parents are familiar with:

When they let go of their helium balloon.

For a child, nothing is quite as heartbreaking as watching the departure of a dearly beloved balloon into the evil skies above. 

When you stand on Lego

Why is stepping on Lego so painful? Stepping on Lego makes you temporarily hate everybody until the pain goes away. No one understands this more than a parent.

When you can’t keep a straight face

Sometimes the naughty things children do or say are rather funny, but you need to tell them off or implement some form of disciplinary measure.

Keeping up your authoritative, parent-face when something your child has done or said is a skill, and sometimes you might have to look away until you’re able to resume to your stern, unimpressed expression.

When you try really hard not to cry at the school concert

For many parents, seeing your child in their first school concert can tug on your heart-strings.

There are always at least a handful of parents shedding a tear or two when they see their little ones on stage for the first time.

When your child swallows a tooth

This usually happens when they’re eating and it often goes unnoticed until it’s time for teeth-brushing.

Some children freak out when this happens, but you quickly reassure them whilst making damn sure you don’t forget to tell them that the tooth fairy will still come that night.

When tantrums happen at the worst of times

You decide that on account of good behaviour, you’ll treat your child to a family-meal at a restaurant and your little angel turns into an evil beast the minute you sit down at the table.

When your child gets stuck in weird places

Turn your back for a few seconds and your child can manage to get stuck in something, causing major distress and panic for you while you try to figure out how to remove them from wherever they are as quickly as possible.

When you let your kid choose their outfit

Allowing your child to pick out his/her own clothes is a great way for them to gain independence and express themselves freely, but often it’s hard to respect their choice of attire.

When they come up to you dressed in a combination of clothing that resembles some sort of abstract art-piece, you can’t help wanting to control the situation, but when you look at the bigger picture of parenting this is hardly anything to worry about.

When you flush the toilet for them

You forgot that this is part of your kid’s toilet routine, didn't you?

All hell breaks loose and the only thing you can suggest is that they flush it again, but they have to wait until the water-tank fills up for it to have the full-flushing effect. Shame on you.

When your kid walks in on you during sexy time

How rude. What do parents have to do to get a moment alone these days?

Depending on their age, you may have some explaining to do. It doesn't happen to all parents, but it’s something that all parents fear.

When you can’t avoid the sweetie-display

You come to the end of your grocery shopping after successfully managing to distract your child from demanding anything sugar-infused.

You head towards the till queue, only to be surrounded by unavoidable sweet displays as you hope and pray that your child doesn't spot their favourite item. They spot it and you've run out of ways to distract them from the start of a possible tantrum.

You give in and later that day you wonder why your child won’t finish their dinner or fall asleep at bedtime.

When your goes ‘organic’ and licks their own snot

Don’t deny that you've seen them do it. Most kids do it at some point, don’t worry. Start worrying when they’re licking other people’s snot.

This is not healthy. This warrants the authoritative-parenting-face-where-you-do-not-laugh or smile.

When you’re in trouble with the class teacher

Your child said a naughty word in class and told the teacher they’d learnt it from you.

Most parents try hard to prevent swearing like a trooper around their kids, but sometimes you accidentally drop the ‘f-bomb’ while they’re with you.

Try not to make a big deal about it. The more attention you draw to it, the more your child will learn that saying it gives a reaction.    

Have you come across any of these scenarios with your child?


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