WATCH | 'It's hard being 5': Adorable little girl vents about her 'sponsibilities'


She's at it again!

You may recognise the adorable Madison Jade from her 2019 viral video when she shared her unique thoughts about Jasmine, Aladdin and the flying carpet after watching a reboot of the Disney classic. 

But that was way back when she was four. 

Since then, the preschooler has racked up more than 300 000 Instagram followers, and has turned her kid wisdom onto bigger things. 

Like how hard life is at 5-years-old! 

"Sponsibilities is hard work," she says, and further explains that it's because her schedule is so full. 

"I go to school; I go to gymnastics. I go to work!" 

Recording Madison's vent session, her mom Janess Strickland let out a burst of laughter. 

"You don't go to work... you go to work spending mommy's money," Janess says giggling. 

Watch the cute little miss in the video below or on Instagram: 


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