WATCH: The hilarious things SA's kids are getting up to during Level 3 lockdown

Singing away the lockdown blues (Zuki_Lamani/Twitter)
Singing away the lockdown blues (Zuki_Lamani/Twitter)

With lockdown still in place for most of our youngest kids, boredom has set in along with a few other hilarious shenanigans. 

And of course, South Africans have been sharing what the kids have been up to via social media. 

We can't get enough, and it might just be the thing to get you over a bad day in lockdown. 

Take a look: 

When the fighting starts

Trying to be like her grandad

Hunny bunch, sugar plum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin

You either shave it all off like Siya Kolisi or you leave it wavy... 

Singing away the lockdown blues 

When you parents got you doing silly things 

What's mischief has your kids been getting up to during lockdown? 


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