It's Storytime! LISTEN: Time to come in, Bear (A children's story about social distancing)

(Image: YouTube/Kim St. Lawrence - Children's Author)
(Image: YouTube/Kim St. Lawrence - Children's Author)

Written in just one weekend, this short story by Kim St. Lawrence tells the tale of Bear and his friend Bunny, who have fantastic adventures while staying home.

It's less than 2 minutes long and perfect for really young kids who aren't yet able to make heads or tales about why we need to stay at home and away from family and friends. 

Narrated by Ryan St. Lawrence. 

"Time to come in, Bear. The world caught a cold. You won't get its germs if you just stay at home. It isn't forever, Bear. Just for a time. There's still fun to have here with me, while inside." 

Listen to what happens next in the video below (or on YouTube): 

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