10 things I wish my grandchildren would stop doing


When I was asked to write about ten things I wish my adult grandchildren would stop doing, I was very tempted to simply say smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking, smoking. 

I speak of my grandchildren collectively.  They don’t all smoke but I don’t want to single any of them out or mention anyone by name.  They know who they are.

1) Please, please, please, it is an ugly habit and I would really love it if you could stop right now.  I know it’s not easy but do it.  I believe that to get rid of a habit you need to substitute another habit so get some worry beads or suck a dummy, I don’t care what, but stop dragging that filthy smoke through your lungs.

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Having got that one out of the way, what else? Just a few funny little things and a few rather serious things I want to tell you:

2) This one is directed at the girls – stop trying to please a man. It is impossible to do, so don’t waste time on it. Just be yourself and if they don’t love you as you are, then tell them to move on.

3) And this one is directed at the boys – don’t look for a Barbie doll.  Being pretty is very nice but having someone savvy is much more useful in an emergency. Life is full of emergencies. One day you might need someone to do your thinking for you and gorgeous eyelashes won’t help much.

4) Don’t ever stop learning. It doesn’t matter what career path you have chosen, it will never remain static so keep up to date with advancements in that field. And if you think you really know it all, then branch out and learn other things on another subject.

5) Stop being afraid. There is always a possibility that you will mess up but be prepared to try. If you want to drill a hole in a bottle to convert it into a lamp, there is a strong possibility that the bottle will break at the first try. So what? Find another bottle or a better drill or Google it and see what you did wrong.

6) No family is ever perfect and ours is definitely not. There is a conglomeration of genes that has given you some wonderful talents but be aware that there are also some addictive genes in our family. Going through the family tree, there have been quite a few alcoholics, drug addicts and depressives. If you ever feel that those genes are affecting you, don’t be afraid to seek help. Being an alcoholic is shameful but there is no shame in seeking help for an addiction.

7) Please don’t put cryptic messages on Facebook. I don’t want to read, “Major disaster in my life” followed by silence. You can put it on Twitter because I don’t have Twitter and so I won’t see it and lie awake at night wondering what the major disaster might be.

8) Speaking about Facebook, what is it with the pouting lips? I really don’t get that one. It looks downright silly.

9) And if you post a pic of yourself with a new partner, please tag him/her so I can check their profile and get some details.

If you don’t tag them, I will assume that they are nothing in your life and I won’t waste time.  If they are something in your life, I would love to meet them.  Don’t hide them away and if you have babies with them I hope I get to see the babies. 

I suppose after all that I should leave you with some words of wisdom – so here is a quote that I have always thought a good code to live by:

10) “Love all, trust a few, do harm to none.”

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