Hilarious: maths teacher kicks off new year with a song

Teachers who try so hard but fail miserably, classic classroom bloopers, and downright cringe-worthy moments... We all have stories of teachers that still make us laugh out loud today.

A video of a very enthusiastic maths teacher, who decided to win over her new class with a song on her first day, went viral last year (the original video has been removed). Full marks for energy and confidence, miss! (If it was meant to embarrass her, I hope the culprit gets extra homework!)

The dog ate my homework!

When I was in primary school, a girl in my class didn't have her maths workbook at school. She insisted that she had done her homework and had left her book on the kitchen table but it had disappeared. She got a good whack on her hand with a ruler, as we did in those days. The next day, she came to school with her workbook: all torn and chewed up with their dog's big muddy paw prints all over it. The dog really did eat her book! The teacher laughed so hard (yet never apologised)!

Wrong class, sir

Wheels24 editor Sergio remembers: "In high school, our history teacher called in sick and a new teacher was supposed to sub for him. In walks this new teacher who began talking about accounting. We tried to tell him that it was a History class, but the substitute continued to waffle on about accounting. He spoke for 10 minutes before the history substitute arrived. The accounting teacher was very embarrassed and promptly left the room."

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