'Public breastfeeding is offensive'

"I was sitting next to her [the mother] on the couch, when in mid-conversation the infant woke up and made a little mewling sound. Knowing immediately what to do (apparently mothers are fluent in Mewl), without even pausing our chat, she whipped out a boob and shoved it in the baby’s face."

These are some of the thoughts columnist Chris McEvoy shared in 'Boobs out for babes'. Chris expressed that he doesn't understand why anyone would be offended or 'creeped out' by a breastfeeding mom.

When we asked our readers if they're offended by public breastfeeding, these were their answers.

"Put that breast away!"

Yes, there are moms who very "openly" breastfeed in public. If it's done subtly and more discreetly it would probably be okay. - Frans

I feel shy around those moms. I also breastfed but I refused to do it in public, I went to clothing changing rooms. - Desre

I get offended when I see the whole breast. If I don't see a breast then I couldn't care less. I understand that babies need to be fed but if you can't do it decently then rather get a breast pump. - Lizelle

I breastfed both my children, but would never whip out my boob in public. - Milay

Any woman who whips out a boob and it is not for my pleasure is not doing the right thing. That means flashing is okay. - Perter

"Get that boob out, Mama!"

If mom is happy to do it then whip out that boob and feed away! If nobody else has to eat in a dirty bathroom or under a blanket why should a baby have to? BUT if mom is uncomfortable then its up to her to cover up. - Ashleigh

This is not Victorian London. Anyone who finds boobs being used for their natural purpose offensive needs to feel offended once in awhile. It'll do them good. - Laura

No offense taken at all! Babies need to eat and why should a mom or baby need to do it in a bathroom? I breastfed in public and if I had a blanket with me, I covered up otherwise I just got on with it! Rather a happy fed baby than an unhappy screaming one! - Chantel

I don't see anything wrong with a mother breastfeeding a child. That's how she is meant to feed the child and women should not be oppressed on how and where and when to feed their babies. As a man the best thing is to stop equating breasts with sex whenever you see them. - Mathekga

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Do you find public breastfeeding offensive?

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