Ronaldo: single dad poster boy


Just when you’ve finished shaking your head in disbelief over the male contraceptive pill, one of the world’s best footballers announces that he has become a father, the American mother will remain unidentified, and he has ‘exclusive guardianship’!

Men are being allowed more and more choice in the parenting game. Even Cristiano Ronaldo’s current girlfriend has given the situation her blessing.

For me he has suddenly become the poster boy for single dads the world over. Not all men enjoy parenting as much as others. Not all men have a connection with the concept of raising a child as an extension of who they themselves are. Not all men can see the undeniable legacy in pro-creation. In-fact most men don’t have a clue!

So it was with great surprise and delight that a gazillionaire playboy athlete has chosen to take full responsibility, in public – he announced it on Twitter - for sowing his wild oats. Yeah I know, his mom and sisters are going to raise the baba, but hey, they didn’t do such a bad job with Cristiano.

I would like to argue that Cristiano’s actions are significant in the bigger scheme of things. Not so long ago for example Eddie Murphy was causing a drama about impregnating Scary Spice and had to be coerced into acknowledging paternity. Ronaldo’s sending out a message that it’s manly to own up to your parental responsibilities, and that he actually wants the baby, when it’s clear that the baby’s mother is happy to have nothing to do with it.

And the boy is quite young! At 25, this kind of responsibility can be very daunting, especially if you have the world at your feet. I think any self-respecting Ronaldo fan, especially the younger ones will actually take his actions to heart, and sometimes it is a simple thing like your icon’s actions, which is the difference between doing the right thing or not.

Being a dad is not a fad

I don’t think this is a fad or the latest celeb fashion accessory. The flip side of this coin is that women might now feel more emboldened to insist that the father of their babies take custody. I mean think about it, if you were a groupie and fancied a quick roll in the hay with your favourite celeb (or as it often happens, your average Joe Soap), who just happened to knock you up, why should you have to bear the bulk of the responsibility just because you’re a woman?

I’ve discussed role reversal before, and I do believe it is happening as we speak. Women are starting to behave like boys and boys are becoming good mommies. Are women beginning to become gatvol of their lead role in the parenting game? Or will Ronaldo’s situation be forgotten as soon as he runs out for Real Madrid again?

Is there a change in the role of single fathers?

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