How SA parents feel about piercing a baby's ears

Recently a petition in the UK to ban piercing the ears of a baby or toddler has gotten a lot of attention.

The petition is addressed to the Minister for Children, Edward Timpson and has already been signed more than 41,000. The petition states that banning ear piercing for babies and toddlers should be banned because it is a form of "child cruelty".

It also states that babies are put through unnecessary pain for the sake the "parent's vanity".

For many, piercing the ears of a baby is seemingly harmless action that causes minimum discomfort and is often done without much thought or consideration. 

In many tribes across the world including Africa, Asia and North America extreme piercing and body modification is a tradition and not seen as anything other than the norm.

In our more Western culture, piercings, tattoos, and body modifications can often been seen as taboo. That's why we asked our Facebook community their thoughts on ear piercing.

We asked our Facebook community 'Do you think it's okay to pierce a baby's ears?' and with almost 100 responses, we decided to share their responses with you.


Many parents had no problem with babies having their ears pierced.

"If I had a girl I would definitely pierce her ears. These days people are over sensitive to the needs and wants of their kids." - Fazlin

"Nothing wrong with piercing a baby's ears. My daughter was 4 months old when I got her ears pierced and she was perfectly fine and looked adorable in her earrings." - Ishrat

"I did it at 15 weeks. She's 2 now and can't even remember it. She doesn't even realise she has earrings. It hurts much more when they are older." - Simone

"Yes. If she doesn't want them when she's older she can let them close up. It's not permanent, people!" - Antonietta

"Yes, why not? My ears were pierced when I was older and I regretted it immediately. When my daughter was a year old we took her, there were NO complications and she was over it very quickly. Nothing the promise of an ice cream can't fix." - Jeanne


However there were MANY parents who disagreed.

"Never! Not until the kid understands EXACTLY what the procedure is and can verbally request so themselves." - Angie

"I think it is awful to see a young child with pierced ears. It should be their choice as an informed teenager or older. So ugly to see a little girl with earrings." - Tish

"No, and especially not with a gun. Guns cause blunt force trauma to the tissue and there is a massive risk of infection as the gun cannot be cleaned properly." - Megan

"No. It's my daughter's body, so it's her choice. If/when she asks me to take her I will - she's 7 already and hasn't bothered. It's painful and even if only for a second I would feel awful knowing I willingly hurt her." - Brigitta

"Definitely not. If God meant you to have holes in your earlobes, you would have been born with them." - Helen

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It's your turn to share - How do you feel about baby's having their ears pierced?
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