Sleep, baby sleep!

When you're pregnant with your first child, one of the things people keep telling you is "Oh, you're never going to sleep again!" And no matter how many times you hear that you never truly understand the level of sleep deprivation until you have a crying baby at 2am who just refuses to sleep.

So we asked our Facebook fans for some tips on getting your baby to sleep and this is what they had to say:

Two things, the noise of a vacuum cleaner & with your forefinger gently make circular movements between baby's 2 brows. Both worked for my twins to get them to sleep & still do. - Reshma Suknandhan

Swaddle, and white noise helped with both our kids. Just a radio between stations will do, doesn't have to be an expensive machine. Blocks out the sudden noises that often wake baby up. - Heather Philips

Keep baby close to you always - they crave the closeness of mom or dad. Babies who are nurtured that way become independent the soonest. Best for mom too. - Annadie Kidson Krygsman 

Vacuum cleaner??? Lol! My son liked the sound of my heartbeat and while he was on my chest, I would massage his head lightly and he would sleep. Even at 1 year 6 months it still works. - Georginah Hensley 

Stay calm and be patient. Baby picks up if you are irritable or anxious... and just enjoy every moment. - Rox-Anne Pillay 

Dim the lights while baby is awake and reduce noise this will also help baby learn that when its dark it means sleep time at night. This work for me and my baby started sleeping more hours at night. Hope it helps. - Winstonia Claire Adams 

Swaddle baby, lay on side warm water bottle wrapped in soft blankie behind babies back. - Jacqui Janse Van Rensburg 

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