Would you tattoo your identical twins, to be able to tell them apart? This couple did

One of the fraternal twins has a medical condition, now its difficult to tell them apart
One of the fraternal twins has a medical condition, now its difficult to tell them apart

A mom of fraternal twins who look identical recently took to Reddit to ask if she had done the right thing in tattooing one of the boys. 

She explained that one of the twins has a medical condition that requires him to be injected with medicine once a week. Her mother-in-law was the twins childminder and administered the medicine each day.

One day she accidentally injected the wrong twin. Luckily she soon realised her error and the twins were transferred to hospital for the wrong twin to get a reversal agent and for the other twin to get the medicine.

After this frightening mix-up the mother-in-law refused to babysit again, and the twins went to a day-care centre.

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A medical tattoo

But here the risk of a mix-up remained, so the twins' doctor suggested a medical tattoo to ensure that this mistake never happens again.

After some deliberation the boys' parents agreed that this was the best way, and the ill child was tattooed. 

A medical tattoo is a mark that looks like a freckle on the skin that can be easily seen. The doctor completes it while the child is under mild sedation, and after a few years as the baby develops other features, the tattoo begins to fade.

The boy now has a two-millimeter brown freckle on his earlobe.

"Freaked out"

But when the twins grandmother found out about it, she "freaked out", which threw the mom of two, as she felt she had done the right thing. But her mom-in-law's reaction has her doubting herself.

The concerned mom took to Reddit to ask if she had done the right thing, adding "Once I explain to others and they fail to find it they understand, but they still think I went to far in tattooing my child and altering their body."

"I believe I took the necessary precautions recommended by the doctor and the tattoo will fade with sun exposure and as he grows."  

One dot to safeguard two lives 

One commentator posted that she was a twin who experienced the same thing, and she supported the tattoo idea, explaining that "A similar thing happened to us when we were really young, about four - I was the one who got her penicillin and nearly died. (No, my sister doesn't have that allergy, and no, nobody knows why.) I WISH someone had tattooed my ear. ...if they'd tattooed my ... forehead, I wouldn't have cared." 

A tattooist also responded, saying that a quick dot is less painful than the jabs children have and a dot to potentially save a life is not only genius, but that kid's gonna get some serious kudos at school for that story when he gets older. Now I've also been in the business gone ten years now, I've redrawn nipples and, done allergy warnings and covered abusive exes names and the like, but I've yet to hear a better reason for tattooing someone than this. One dot to safeguard two lives."

A poster also reminded everyone "And let’s not forget people pierce their babies ears all the time which is not under sedation."

Compiled for Parent24 by Athenkosi Mndende. Sources: Reddit


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