10 ways to spot an 'evolved' single dad

If you’re a single dad and any of these go over your head, you’re probably still a Neanderthal and need to read more of my columns, or click here and get a free copy of my ebook on Parenting.

1. You actually took responsibility for impregnating your partner - unlike the Neanderthals of yore who just moved on to next wench.

2. You actively participated in the anti-natal process and (if allowed to) was present at the birth - unlike our predecessors who stayed away and sent a teddy a month after baby was born.

3. You do whatever it takes to provide financial assistance and to aid in the development of the seeds of your loins.

4. You share responsibility by having your kid on weekends (or more, and depending on the situation with the ex) where you actually participate and interact with the child. Unlike those of us who drop the kid off with grandma or the new girlfriend and enjoy the game with our mates.

5. You understand that your role as a father figure has a critical influence on your child's development and will affect how they eventually turn out as adults.

6. You make the effort to stay up to date with the modern challenges of parenting by being clued up about everything from diaper technology, to new advances in formula, to the latest online applications your kids will be faced with.

7. You recognise that your job is to love, care, teach, guide, and protect your offspring. You take it very seriously, but you know that kids learn through fun, so you know you've always got to keep it lighthearted.

8. You understand and appreciate that a child needs a positive relationship with both parents, so you do not talk kak about it's mother or treat it's mother badly.

9. You man-up with pride when your buddies try to twist your arm to go to the pub on your night in with the baby and you stay home and sit through the 50 millionth screening of Ratatouille.

10. You are able to recognise that look in your kid's eye when she/he looks at you and you see yourself reflected, you’re aware that everything that you do for them is rewarded every instant they look at you, smile at you and trust you with their very lives.

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