9 kids explain conception and birth

We all know that kids say the darnedest things but when it comes to where babies come from, the answers can be hilarious.

After hearing that my 3-year-old niece was convinced that babies are bought from a store, I just had to know what our Facebook fans had to share about their own kids. I asked them and, of course, they answered!

Where do babies come from?

1. My almost 4-year-old little girl asked me where I bought her from. I told her that Jesus put her in my tummy and the doctor took her out when she was big enough. She then looked at me confused and said, "Then where did we buy dad from?" - Candice

2. My 5-year-old thinks God gives them to you when you're big if you're very good. Like father Christmas. - Caron

Mine thinks they are made in a lab, like he was! LOL. He is an IVF baby. - Jacqui

My 3-year-old son knows our baby is in my tummy and when we ask him if the baby can come out now then he screams "NO! The baby is growing, not yet." He says the Doctor will help the baby come out when baby is big. - Cheyenne

5. My 5-year-old thinks that when Jesus is ready for a mommy and daddy to have a baby he gives it to them. The mommy and daddy must love each other. They come from heaven. He also thinks you can borrow babies to see if you like them and give them back if you don't. - Tracey

6. My eldest son told his brother that it happened through kissing and the mummies poop the babies out! LOL! He knew they had to come out somehow. - Kristabeth

7. My son saw my big belly and assumed that the baby would come out of the belly button. - Shehnaaz

8. My 4-year-old told me yesterday that her friend told her that babies come out of their mom's mouth! - Rochelle

9. My son knows the whole thing about sperm fertilising the egg but NOT how it gets there! He is 6. He thinks that when you get married it just happens. - Shelley

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Where do your kids think babies come from? Share with us below.

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