How to survive being sick with a toddler


Being home sick with a toddler is a special kind of hell. They don't give you a chance to just rest, except for that one hour nap they only take now. Gone are the days of just lying miserably in bed where you can either sleep away the disease or while away the time watching series.

No, now you get to lie in bed and have a toddler decide that you make a pretty good racing track for his giant car. Or that screaming is a fun activity and who cares that you have a raging headache. Your toddler certainly doesn't.

But that's because they don't know any better. All they know is that Mommy usually goes to work and today she's home to play with you! His dad usually looks after him but just knowing I was home meant he was shouting blue murder for "mama, mama, mama".

So here's how I (barely) survived being home sick with a toddler:

1. TV is your friend

Yes, I know toddlers shouldn't be planted in front of the TV like mindless zombies and that it's the devil but it has been my saviour over the last few days. My son is enamoured with Heidi, he loves the girl and her "Pa". And he could dance and sing along to the ABC songs on YouTube all day if we let him. So technically he's learning something while I try not to die.

2. Read all the books!

We've read all of his books a hundred times over, so I can recite them from memory - with my eyes closed. We both win.

3. Legos and other toys

Or any other type of block like toy. My son is also very fond of packing things in and out. Particularly the wet wipes. So fill an old wet wipe container with little pieces of fabric and you'll have at least a half an hour towards feeling human again. 

4. Colouring and drawing

My advice here would be to get washable crayons because even if you sit your child down at a table with perfectly good paper to draw on, the walls just hold a special appeal. It's like it calls to them, especially when you are just "resting your eyes for 5 minutes". 

5. Call in the Grandparents

If you are lucky enough to have the grandparents around and willing, give them a call just so that you can get a few hours respite. My son will happily go along with his Pa because he gets to go in the car. And he loves driving in cars and going out. I don't know who he gets that from. 

Do you have any tips for being home sick with a toddler?

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