Would you pay R30 000 for a doctor to remove a shoe from your toddler's nose? This couple did


Getting into sticky situations seems like a childhood superpower. For one, shoving things up the nose appears to be a toddler rite of passage, one that surely rings more than a few bells for most parents.

Somehow, they seem to be able to pull it off with the kind of ease we'd like them to apply to more productive concerns. 

Removing whatever gets stuck up there, however, is another thing entirely. 

Just ask US-based parents Katy and Michael Branson, who learned this the hard and expensive way when their 3-year-old daughter Lucy managed to stuff a pair of doll shoes up her nose, one shoe per nostril, reports NPR. 

We're sure it was no coincidence that the preschooler had done this as her parents were getting ready for a night out; toddler logic in full effect!

With nothing to go on other than an uncomfortable look on Lucy's face, coupled with some coughing, it must have been parental intuition when dad Michael turned to his wife and said: "I think she has something up her nose." 

Realising what Lucy had done, Katy and Michael managed to free one shoe with a pair of tweezers, while the removal of the other required a trip to the emergency room. 

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"All in all, it was an eventful evening"

The second shoe had gone so deep up little Lucy's nose, that it took two attempts with a set of forceps to get it out. 

The parents shared that it had been the hospital doctor's first time removing doll shoes from a child's nose. The usual suspects, the doctor said, are sweets. 

"All in all, it was an eventful evening," mused mom Katy, adding that the couple even managed to go out that night after the ordeal. 

"My husband makes it back; we go to the show, my daughter's fine." 

Only, it wasn't, with the parents receiving a hefty bill to the tune of more than US$2000 (about R 30 000) for the hospital visit. 

And while a trip to the hospital may not be common, we know that a child sticking things up the nose is something most parents can relate to, and we wondered what stories might come from Parent24 readers

Enough to keep us laughing into the new year to be sure. 

What's the weirdest thing your child's stuck up their nose? 

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