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Lockdown 2020
Lockdown 2020

Parent24 understands the concerns and anxiety you're feeling as the Covid-19 pandemic makes itself known across South Africa.

See below for our comprehensive list of lockdown-related news, information and advice, updated daily.

OPINION | A South African baby boom after the lockdown? Highly unlikely

Life expectancy tends to increase, but fertility is still higher than the replacement level.

After-school programmes fill the education gap during lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the sheer lack of resources and capacity in South Africa's poorest communities.

SA schools are being forced to choose between Covid-19 essentials and paying the electricity bill

The Education sector did not receive additional money for adequate water access and clean, dignified toilets in schools, which are now more urgent than ever.

'Girls vulnerable to dropout': Education advocate highlights the gendered impact of school closures

"Girls face specific challenges pushing and pulling them away from school, so we need to implement strategies to support them,"

'My newborn baby was denied immunisation, because I tested positive for Covid-19'

"This is the sad story of discrimination and mistreatment experience I went through at a private hospital in Johannesburg, just because as an expectant mom I had tested Covid-19 positive."

How nannies and parents navigated lockdown in South Africa

When lockdown was enforced in South Africa, both parents and nannies had to compromise to make things work.

Local preschool makes Covid-19 safety measures Bear(able) with cuddly secret weapon

"At a time when things are so chaotic, we want to make sure that we are creating a happy, loving and safe learning environment for all our children."

Be a Virus Warrior! A Guide to Keeping Healthy is a new e-book teaching children about Covid-19

This guide aims to empower children to be Virus Warriors by explaining Covid-19 safety measures in a comforting, yet practical way.

'A reflection of that time we lived through a pandemic': Local mom keeps daily family lockdown diary

"I share the rays of sunshine in our stormy days, and I share transparently how we cope, how we've cried, how we've laughed at the crazy things the kids do."

Opinion | The government’s failure to lead the ECD sector needs to be addressed

"...the sector seems like an irritating cousin for the government, one that they do not have the capacity or interest to deal with, so they have just pretended it doesn't exist."

'Dear Angie, you don't know what we're going through': Teacher shares an emotional open letter

"You see teachers, but you forget we're human." A teacher shares her raw emotion about returning to school.

Grandparent-grandchildren video calls are vital during Covid-19. Here are simple ways to improve them

Try out various filters or virtual backgrounds built into your apps to make it more interesting for kids and give you something else to talk about

'Downtime is essential': Homeschooling mom of eight talks family life under lockdown

"Just keeping up with all the housework, feeding everyone and schooling seem so much harder than usual."

Mothers say they are not receiving child maintenance payments during lockdown

Protesters say they have not received their child maintenance payments since March and blame the new payment system at Department of Justice.

Seven key qualities your child will need to succeed in a post-Covid world according to local CEO

"As parents, we can help by instilling the right qualities in our children that will be of value to them in future."

Ten lessons I'm holding on to when the lockdown ends

I'm still not ready to say it was worth it. But I will keep looking for silver linings.

10 couples who 'failed' at physical distancing, and want everyone to know it

We've collected ten of our favourite pandemic pregnancy announcements for you to enjoy.

'It doesn't matter how tired or scared we are, we carry on': Healthcare workers' appeal to teachers

"What if we said we cannot come to work because we are afraid and tired, working 10 times harder than normal?"

'It's been a long 4 months of trying to survive': A laboratory worker shares her story

"We need our babies at ECDs. So we can focus fully on work and have one less thing to stress about. Even if just for essential services."

Local expert advises parents on the psychological impact of Covid-19 on children

How would a parent know if their child is experiencing anxiety?

LISTEN: Two minutes with Jolandi Becker on sleep regression in the lockdown

Listen to Jolandi Becker explain your child's sleep regression in the lockdown.

OPINION: The closure of schools is a disaster for the children

Who is going to pay the extra school costs as now there may be a month or two additional costs at primary school for my Grade 7?

School cleaners in the Eastern Cape share their experience of heading back to work

"Sanitising and temperature checking is not enough, more needs to be done."

LISTEN: Two minutes with Felicity Guest on maintenance issues during the lockdown

Listen as Felicity Guest unpacks the maintenance issues caused by the lockdown.

'Our lives really don't matter': Educators share their fears about teaching during a pandemic

"My colleagues are anxious and stressed out, the question: is who is next?"

New school closures a victory, or a disaster?

The purpose of this school closure is to lower the infection rate.

Willard Katsande: ‘Homeschooling? I’d rather stick to football!’

"I certainly don’t believe I’d be a good teacher. I think, for now, I’d rather stick to football and “teaching” our opponents a lesson on the pitch."

'The reality for everyone is different': ECD educators respond to Covid-19 safety protocols

"Many ECD centres will either not open at all or open without the required PPE in place."

Coming of age in 2020 - the year without the matric farewell

The transition from childhood to adulthood is marked by humans in a wide variety of ways across the world.

Five ways to improve communication with your child during lockdown

Build a relationship with your children. Also, encourage your children to have other relationships with their peers and family members.

Think before you say 'close schools', says deputy principal

"My new hobby is looking at the Facebook profiles of the parents who question and criticize schools relentlessly about safety in schools."

'Embrace the abnormal': Great advice for matrics going back to school

Now you are expected to go back to school, and in a few months from now write your Matric Finals and then pretend it is all okay, that it didn’t happen?

A local divorce lawyer shares his experience of the Covid-19 lockdown

Lawyers are reporting an increase in divorce applications now that the lockdown regulations have lifted somewhat and it's easier to apply. Parent24 spoke to Shando Theron.

LISTEN: Two minutes with Dr Alessandra Prioreschi on family exercise in lockdown

Listen to Dr Alessandra Prioreschi explain family exercise in lockdown

'Thrive not just survive': Educational radio show a supportive resource for SA's parents

The radio drama follows young mothers Luphumzo, Babalwa, and Joyce and the men and women who help and hinder them as they negotiate pregnancy and parenting.

Home schooling: What does it all actually mean?

For some parents, this is a life or death situation - and they are choosing life.

Women's careers on the line as lockdown regulations leave childcare unaccounted for

Across the globe, women earn less, hold less secure jobs and are more likely to be employed in the informal sector.

WATCH | 'What's his name, mummy?': Another parent gets interrupted during a live news interview

An expert in Global Health Policy joined the exclusive club pf parents interrupted during a news interview. 

'Our very first little miracle he had to meet via a video call': First-time mom shares her lockdown birth story

"I am all in favour of safety during this time but to take away an opportunity like this? I know there are more women in my position, and we will never be able to get that time back."

Fun and easy games to try with the kids during lockdown

Boredom is bound to creep in at some point during lockdown, if it hasn't already! Here are some fun ideas to keep the kids entertained.

The Lost Year: Is the matric Class of 2020 ok? Not really

"...for most of us 2020 has been a year of profound loss, uncertainty, and change."

Opinion | The government’s failure to lead the ECD sector needs to be addressed

It appears that for now, families need to keep on doing their best in these trying times.

'Anxious, overworked, ill': Covid-19 pandemic increases unpaid care work for women globally

Due to the pandemic, women are spending more time cooking, cleaning, and caring for their families at the expense of their health, an international survey finds.

'Courts are not hospitals': Parents and teachers have mixed reactions to reopening ECD facilities

"Every parent can make his or her own decision to send a child to school or not! If you do not want to, you do not have to, but leave those who do not have any other option to make up their own minds."

'The reality for everyone is different': ECD educators respond to Covid-19 safety protocols

"Many ECD centres will either not open at all or open without the required PPE in place."

No furry teddies allowed: What daycares will look like when they reopen

The Department of Social Development (DSD) has issued prescribed Covid-19 prevention protocols to be carried out in daycare and after-school facilities across South Africa.

PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Keeping the family healthy when you can't go to the doctor

We asked Dr Carol Bosch, a Cape Town based GP, to provide tips and advice to keep your family healthy while locked in.

Create a Covid-19 lockdown time capsule with this free download

For some families keeping track of what has happened, and making a record of the memories for the future, is an important part of getting through the pandemic.

10 couples who 'failed' at physical distancing, and want everyone to know it

We've collected ten of our favourite pandemic pregnancy announcements for you to enjoy.

Should your little one return to preschool before the Covid-19 pandemic is over?

The benefits of sending children to preschool are significant, but is it safe?

WATCH: Is it safe to send your kids to school? The experts weigh in

A panel of experts unpacks the pros and cons of sending children back to institutions of learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus: As schools re-open, are the kids a risk to elderly caregivers?

Around 12% of households are headed by grandparents, says a 2016 report.

Coronavirus: How to keep childminders safe in your home

44% of respondents said it is too risky to expose their family, and their childminder's family, to infection.

You might want to look at these local online schools this year.

If back to school is out of the question for your family at this time, here are a few online schools to consider.

Find homeschooling sites and information here

Learn more about homeschooling and what curricula they use by visiting these websites run by parents and organisations that have home-schooled their children.

Can I be with my child in a Covid-19 quarantine facility, or in hospital?

"They will have to arrest me before I let them take my child away from me."

DOWNLOAD | Free e-book on Covid-19 safety and awareness for South African kids

This 8-page illustrated e-book is centred around two South African boys who talk about the virus, what the symptoms are and how it spreads.

When can I hug my mom again?

"I really cannot wait to give my mom and dad a big hug, and hold onto them until it feels uncomfortable for all of us."

Maternal and neonatal health at risk during pandemic

"...pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, newborns and young children have been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown"

Back to school: What parents and pupils need to know

"Nonetheless, teachers and parents must take into consideration that despite the regulations, precautions taken, PPE worn and other health and safety measures put in place, the risk of infection remains a very real possibility."

These working moms share how they managed parenting through the pandemic

Four hard-working moms share their experience of the lockdown.

Day 62 of lockdown: An Industrial Psychologist shares her thoughts

On a greater scale I experience panic when I think about how the world has changed in our lifetime.

'I'm a teacher. We are going back to school. We do not have a choice in this matter.'

"My day will start at 6:45 as I report to school to make sure I scan temperatures and screen children."

'It's a choice': Parents say the kids are ready to go back to school

The issue of schools re-opening on 1 June has caused parents across SA to engage in heated debate, as they are divided between two camps.

Covid-19: Many domestic workers not covered by relief measures

There are about one million domestic workers in South Africa according to Stats SA. Many are without an income since the lockdown.

Russian Roulette? Sick kids face Covid-19 or school de-registration

"The school debate has got me in a cold sweat. Like many parents, I’m sure, the thought of sending kids back to school in such uncertain times is terrifying – whether your child is healthy or not."

WATCH: Animated educational video reminds kids how to protect against coronavirus (in isiZulu, Sesotho and English)

"We hope it makes some kind of contribution towards preparing families to better protect themselves against the pandemic, and that this video will be a useful part of that (online) toolbox."

'Deepening inequalities?': The impact of Covid-19 school closures on education in SA

...findings underscore the fact that disasters amplify the existing structural inequalities in society and worsen inequalities through an unequal recovery process.

'Dead set against sending my child to school': Parents respond to DBE announcement

"Who will take responsibility, if my kids get infected, and who will pay the hospital bills?"

Lockdown: What is happening to aftercare facilities, and their teachers?

In a recent report, 99% of ECD operators said that parents have stopped paying fees owing to the lockdown.

'Pre-schools should be filled with laughter and love, instead they are empty and silent'

"We are destitute, parents are desperate and children are frustrated they miss school and interaction with their friends and teachers."

Seen a dramatic change in your teen since lockdown began? A local psychologist advise

If you've seen dramatic changes in your teen since lockdown began, or even sometime before, you need to read this.

Covid-19: An opportunity to rethink how working parents share household and childcare duties?

For those who can work from home, they find themselves catching up with paid work late at night or when their children have so-called screen time.

It's time': Parents come out in support of the re-opening of schools

"Our country has a huge problem with education. We can't escalate it."

'My child is not a guinea pig': Will you send your kids back to school this year?

"Streptococcus pneumonia is no joke, so ventilation is something I would prefer to not even consider right now."

Will it be safe to send your kids back to school? And what happens if you don't?

While many parents agree and can't wait for school to open, on the other hand, others are saying that it's too risky to return to school soon, and that exposing their kids to infection isn't worth the benefits.

WATCH: Siya Kolisi's kids shaved his head in lockdown

'Do not ask your family members to cut your hair.'

'Tough times never last': A local dad counts his Covid-19 blessings in disguise

"The kitchen is tidy, and the pantry and deep freeze are full. We communicate every day with our children, and our best is watching the grandkids, through technology, growing up."

Can I hire a teacher to care for my kids at home during lockdown Level 4?

The Level 4 Regulations are quite clear when it comes to Domestic Workers in private households.

OPINION: Lockdown learning is not home schooling

There is a huge distinction between home education and lockdown learning.

Uptick in childminder queries, as businesses offer to subsidise childcare costs

These companies have only started investigating this, she said, but she has had inquiries from the rail, insurance and IT industries.

OPINION | 'I forgot that you’re a dad': Will working from home boost gender equality?

Finally, gender equality may be getting a boost in the workplace.

WATCH: Local 9-year-old is SA's own Dr Seuss

"Eesa has always been a fan of Dr Seuss, and perhaps it's his love for these books that has given him a way with words.

" Eastern Cape woman creates homeschooling kits for children in townships and rural areas

This women creates homeschooling kits to assist children in the townships and rural areas to study comfortably at home.

'I heard cries from my husband over the phone': First-time mom shares her heartbreaking birth story

"I am all in favour of safety during this time but to take away an opportunity like this? I know there are more women in my position, and we will never be able to get that time back.

"Some complexes say no to childminders returning to work. What does the law say?

Parent24 has received numerous messages from parent's wondering if their nannies and childminders can return to work.

OPINION: My fellow South African parents, we need to talk

This was a baptism of fire, wasn't it?

'I had twins the week before lockdown': Giving birth amid the Covid-19 pandemic

This first-time mom gave birth to two little boys, but she wasn't prepared for the added stress of coronavirus too.

Fourteen game ideas to try with the kids no matter how much time you have on your hands

Easy and fun ideas to try with your kids regardless of whether you have just five minutes to spend or hours to fill-up.

SA kids' online activity during lockdown is up by 200%, here's what they've been searching for

Much like their parents, kids' activity online has shown a more substantial interest in news and video content.

OPINION: 'The Covid-19 crisis is a teachable moment for our education sector'

We should acknowledge the loss of academic time, but education is not lost. We can choose to seize the moment and take the opportunity to improve our view of education, or we can regress.

'I saw the twins for about 15 minutes': Local dad shares heartbreaking story of premature birth during lockdown

"At 07:10 and 07:11 the twins were born. I was part of this whole process as a dad for only 2 hours."

When are daycares reopening? 'No room to deviate' says DSD

It appears that for now, families need to keep on doing their best in these trying times.

'A ray of hope in a dark time!': Mothers can still donate breastmilk

" is heartwarming to see that in the midst of the stress of the pandemic moms are reaching out wanting to help the preemies by donating their breast milk."

Are all nannies and domestic workers able to return to work under Level 4 lockdown?

Not all domestic workers will return back to work on the 1st of May.

Responsive and respectful maternity care needs protection during Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 is sweeping the world, and the burden on healthcare facilities is growing.

How Covid-19 is a lesson in building resilience

South Africans are no strangers to a crisis. From droughts to loadshedding to State Capture and now Covid-19, we have weathered many storms.

#ChildrensVoices | 14 year old Yanda Magudumana shares how the Covid-19 pandemic has effected her

#ChildrensVoices is a ReaderLympics initiative, where children are invited to share their experiences of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.

Are your kids in a different province? Now's your chance to go get them!

This is on a once-off basis, and allows the child/ren to return to the residence of their primary caregiver - if you are in possession of a permit issued by a Magistrate.

Africa can’t let maternity care slide during the coronavirus pandemic

Amid global commitments to defeat, or at least minimise, the pervasive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact on the African continent remains unclear.

The lockdown is lifting but the pressure is still on for working moms

Wow, some days are hard.

SA’s youngest children missing out on fundamental milestone developments during lockdown

Classrooms lay empty and the playgrounds look bare and abandoned.

Teens are wired to resent being stuck with parents and cut off from friends during coronavirus lockdown

Many people are confronting life-and-death situations or serious economic consequences for their families and do not have the luxury of worrying about angsty and argumentative teens. So what's a parent to do?

Practical ideas to use at home to improve crucial learning skills during lockdown

Here are some ideas which parents can use to enrich their children’s listening and language abilities at home during lockdown.

WATCH | 'Come on people': KZN tot asks South Africa to 'please listen!

'Three-year-old Mehran from KwaZulu-Natal is giving us the inspiration we need to carry on through lockdown.

DBE provides helpful tips for parents who have taken on teacher tasks

A routine allows children to feel safer, and develop a sense of mastery in a secure environment.

Learning in lockdown: Suffer in silence or yell at the school? A former teacher advises parents

In the end it is the state that will need to ensure that all children are given their best shot at learning in 2020.You will do your best. The times are traumatic for all parties. You are not required to become a teacher. Be calm. It will all workout.

Mr President, you've got mail! Grade 2 pupils voice their appreciation in cute letters

"Thank you for puting [sic] lockdown... I am happy but bored. For the past few days, I've been going crazy." This is hands down the sweetest thing you'll see today!

WATCH: Tips for teenagers and parents during lockdown

Here a doctor provides tips for creating a better environment for you and your teen.

How do you talk to your kids about disability?

Disabled people can have more complicated lives than able-bodied people, but they can definitely still have full, well-balanced, enjoyable lives.

Six ways the lockdown could improve your family's health

As South Africa moves into week three of lockdown, we provide some useful ideas to help families get some good from staying at home – using the time to build a foundation for healthy habits to last a lifetime

First-time dad witnesses the birth of his son through a video call

If there’s one thing we’re all taking away from the coronavirus pandemic – it’s the connection we all share through the power of technology.

'I am going crazy!': Another mom shares how lockdown is affecting her family

"I feel like my whole support structure has collapsed."

Eight top tips for making the most of playtime during lockdown

Here are eight practical top tips to help parents begin to form a battle plan against this period of isolation with children under three.

WATCH: This adorable little chef will warm your heart

Ayla shared this video of her son, Roman, baking a cake on her Youtube channel and it is so adorable.

Lockdown got your family stressed and sleepless? A certified sleep consultant advises parents

Stress has a severe impact on our sleep! Here's guide to improving your family's health through sleep by certified sleep consultant, Jolandi Becker.

When is it too late to register my domestic worker for UIF?

If an employer hasn't registered their domestic worker, they can do so now.

#ChildrensVoices | 15 year old Jamie Gumbi shares how he feels about the lockdown

This epidemic will change our lives for a long long time.

#ChildrensVoices | Teen Aluwani Mphelo shares his experience of lockdown

I really hope that people start behaving and take social distancing seriously so that the government does not extend lockdown and so we can all go back to living freely.

#ChildrensVoices | 14 in Quarantine: A New Norm by Milani Yenanna

We are all going through this together and none of us have experienced what we are going through before.

#ChildrensVoices | Tumi Sefotlhelo, age 14, shares his experience of the coronavirus pandemic

Sometimes it’s overwhelming living with family without being able to go out.

OPINION: Our children are living history now, let’s give them a break

If you feel it is impossible to do anything remotely educational without falling apart, do this one thing once a day – sit down together and read out loud to your children.

Lockdown: How do I get my children back home?

Since the start of South Africa's Covid-19 lockdown, Parent24 has been inundated with messages from concerned parents with questions about how to be reunited with their children during lockdown

Nourishing children with food - and books in lockdown

One of the biggest concerns during the period of lockdown is the fact that millions of children in South Africa are dependent on school feeding schemes where they receive at least one nutritious meal per day.

How lockdown has impacted childcare centres in South Africa

99% of operators reported that caregivers have stopped paying fees owing to the lockdown.

Here's how planning your personal finances can help your relationship survive lockdown

Thanks to lockdown, people are rethinking their priorities and making big changes.

Parents name newborn baby ‘Sanitiser’ to remind people about Covid-19 pandemic

If you think you've heard of many rather unique names, then you might want to add this one to your list.

FEEL GOOD | Ikamva Labantu gogos receive hundreds of handmade masks from local mom

Romy Saitowitz is sewing face masks for the grandmothers of Ikamva Labantu.

WATCH: Local teachers share hilarious clips of bungled lockdown classes

A school in South Africa has posted a funny compilation video of when their teachers’ online classes go horribly wrong during COVID-19 lockdown.

Lessons from the autistic community: Supporting children through the coronavirus pandemic

During this time of unprecedented change, many children will be feeling the kind of uncertainty, lack of control and anxiety that is normally experienced by a high percentage of autistic children.

Lockdown diaries: What I’ve learnt as a parent with my daughter away

Being away from Lenore has taught me so much.

Takalani Sesame muppets help educate kids about health habits during coronavirus pandemic

Takalani Sesame muppets demonstrate different situations where children and families should wash hands.

Parenting podcasts to help you cope during lockdown

When you’re a parent, you need all the help you can get especially during this time.

Meet the local 8-year-old YouTuber who is teaching kids about Covid-19

Eight-year-old Somelezwa Malange has taken the time during lockdown to teach her peers about Covid-19 – and kids are loving her!

Creative parenting in a crisis: Necessity is the mother of all invention

In short, parents are starting to think out the box.

Lockdown: Can I fetch my child from another province?

It’s best to speak to an attorney about the circumstances first, as they may still have to get permission from a court first.

4 learners on their lockdown online school experience

With a variety of accessible material available for matric learners and younger, how exactly do schoolkids feel about online schooling and doing their work from home?

Lockdown diaries: My big fat isolated Greek Orthodox

Easter Of course, Easter is about a lot more than the food and flowers, but without the church and the extended family, it's about all I can do with my kids to teach them about this special time.

Here's how planning your personal finances can help your relationship survive lockdown

Thanks to lockdown, people are rethinking their priorities and making big changes.

Covid-19: a guide to good practice on keeping people well informed

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading across the world. For those who catch it, the vast majority will experience mild symptoms, but for a few it can cause severe disease and death. Some groups - like older people and those with pre-existing health conditions - are more vulnerable when exposed than others.

A local psychologist offers tips to ease anxiety in the 'coronaverse

'How is stress showing up for you? Even the most resilient of you will be experiencing some symptoms of anxiety.

'I'm not surviving': This mom shares how lockdown is changing her family

"I am tired, fearful and filled with guilt, how does one live a productive life like this every day?"

5 tips for navigating children’s screen time during lockdown

During this pandemic, it is fair to say that pre-Covid-19 family routines may shift, or even completely fall apart! In our new Covid-19 reality, daycare and school are cancelled, parents are working from home and families are engaging in social distancing, leaving no peers for kids to play with.

What drives abuse of women in childbirth? We asked those providing the care

Disrespect and abuse during childbirth are a violation of women’s human rights. Women deserve care that maintains their dignity, ensures their privacy and confidentiality and is free from mistreatment and discrimination.

Lessons from the autistic community: Supporting children through the coronavirus pandemic

During this time of unprecedented change, many children will be feeling the kind of uncertainty, lack of control and anxiety that is normally experienced by a high percentage of autistic children.

Kids can keep learning even during a lockdown. Here’s how

Many schools have also asked parents to ensure that learning continues at home. Online learning is an obvious way to keep lessons going; however, only a few schools have well-established online learning systems.

Lockdowns threaten childrens’ nutrition: why extra care is needed

Data from two years ago shows that close to 60% of children in South Africa lived below the poverty line, while a third were below the food poverty line. Statistics also show that households with children are more likely to experience hunger than those without.

The law on domestic worker payments during lockdown

Staying on the right side of the law is essential, as failing to could lead to legal disputes at the CCMA after the lockdown.

Are you successfully juggling work, schooling and staying home? I'm not

There's a good reason I chose my career. Why I chose to work, and why I didn't become a teacher.

WATCH: Couple transform their dining room into restaurant for their heartbroken kids during lockdown

No restaurant, no problem.

Revealed: South Africa has one of the lowest divorce rates worldwide

A look at where in the world marriage has been found most and least likely to end in divorce.

Online learning proves crucial during Covid-19 lockdown as Vodacom e-school registrations spike dramatically

Online learning is proving to be invaluable resource for the scores of school-going children at home on extended school break as the country grapples with Corovavirus (Covid-19).

'Prepare for the best birth possible, despite Coronavirus!' with free virtual Antenatal Covid-19 session

The online support session is available at no charge.

Parenting in a Pandemic: Creating healthy routines

It is important to have some kind of routine going on, though it won't look the same as your regular day-to-day routine.

Parenting in a Pandemic: How to stay positive

Despite the kids driving you crazy, the usual day-to-day tasks continue to take up a lot of your time which can make it a challenge to remain positive.

Parenting in a Pandemic: A chance to build strong relationships

This unprecedented lockdown period can also be seen as an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with within families.

This is what birthday parties look like during lockdown

As much as it is a good thing, we know that as soon as the president announced the 21 day lockdown, all those parents hoping to celebrate their own or their children's birthday went straight into sad mode.

#SaveWithStoriesSA campaign to raise funds for children affected by Covid-19

The initiative is aimed at raising funds for children affected by Covid-19, particularly those who attend school not just to learn, but to be fed.

Is the Easter Bunny really cleared to deliver chocolate eggs this weekend?

The permit allows him to deliver chocolate eggs, but he is not limited to this essential good alone.

Good news for co-parenting families as government lifts movement restrictions

Parents who share custody may follow their court-ordered custody plans, and move children between homes.

Trying to homeschool because of coronavirus? Here are 5 tips to help your child learn

A number of schools in Australia have shut after students and staff tested positive for COVID-19. And, some private schools have moved to online classes pre-emptively.

OPINION: 'Since schools are closed, should school fees be waived?'

This is a stressful time for everyone, parents, learners and educators alike and we’re all doing our best to adapt and survive.

LEGO Canadian Prime Minter Justin Trudeau reassures children about Covid-19

It's been called "a powerful statement", and was since turned into "a version all kids will want to watch", thanks to LEGO.

New Zealand's PM says the Easter Bunny is an essential worker

She classified the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny as essential workers.

Five of our favourite home workout videos for kids

Frozen themed yoga? Count me in!

WATCH | Learn to how to make a cloth mask - no sewing required!

If you'd like to try your hand at sewing masks for your family, you can learn from local sewing teacher Mascha Rutherford.

Lockdown, and government's silence on child support

Government has been silent in addressing the dire situation that many mothers find themselves in.

Life in lockdown: Turns out that feeling I can't explain is grief

A sense of... doom?

Take your kids on an epic round-the-world trip, without leaving home!

Unable to leave home, we're finding new ways to connect, and to explore.

Are you struggling to explain Covid-19 to your little one? Don’t worry, Wazi is here to help!

Wazi is a cartoon character in an animation video made by the department to help explain Covid-19 to children.

Learn the Ten R's of Authentic Resilience and help your family go from surviving to thriving

This is a time to hunker down at home and deepen your relationship with yourself and with your family, friends, team members and community members - albeit remotely.

Tips from a home-schooling mum for keeping kids productive during social isolation

This mom, who home schools her kids, outlines how to stay sane with Covid-19 enforcing some ‘quality time’ with your children.

Parenting in a Pandemic: A chance to build strong relationships

The lockdown period can be seen as an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your family, especially your children.

How to survive lockdown with teen boys, by a local psychologist

I am a psychologist. I am the author of ‘How to Raise a Man’ and have dealt with families, mothers and teenagers for 30 years. I should be able to help. Yet...

WATCH: Local university pioneering virtual graduation during lockdown

The University of the Western Cape went ahead with its first graduation season for 2020 – in an unconventional, pioneering manner, while South Africa is on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How Covid-19 is exposing the unpaid and perpetual work of mothers in the home

Covid-19 is putting a strain on women’s abilities to keep the cogs of daily life turning, and we are now starting to see the impact of what happens when women are unable to do it all.

Baby due any day now? Here's everything you need to know

Pregnancy is already a tough journey, and the additional anxiety may have your mind racing with what-if questions.

KZN paramedic on his work during Covid-19 pandemic: ‘The work I do is important to me, but so is the wellbeing of my family’

DRUM speaks to a KwaZulu-Natal paramedic to find out how he is keeping himself and his family safe from the virus while working.

Are you struggling to explain Covid-19 to your little one? Don’t worry, Wazi is here to help!

Wazi is a cartoon character in an animation video made by the department to help explain Covid-19 to children

Alicia Keys and other stars to explain Covid-19 to kids and air their concerns

The Nickelodeon (DStv 305) channel will broadcast a special to give a kid's-eye view of life amidst the growing Covid-19 novel coronavirus pandemic.

'The most I can do is also the least': A local dad on what it means to be a father in lockdown

"We may not be going off at dawn in these 21 days to save lives, but we can wake each morning with a renewed desire to raise our sons and daughters and instil in them a hope and a certainty that they are not alone.

" It's official, no movement of children during lockdown. Unless..

What are the exceptions to the lockdown directives? No parent should want to go against the regulations to enforce their rights to contact; it will have criminal and financial implications.

Make your own mask: A local sewing teacher shows us how

Medical grade masks are in short supply globally, and so some overseas hospitals have asked the public to sew and donate fabric masks to them.

Covid-19| WATCH: Empowering tips on staying safe from an expert on the front line of the medical fight

"I am confident that the stuff I can tell you today should make you guys feel like when this comes to your community that you don't have to be scared and that you can protect your family." 

Gabi Lowe on protecting vulnerable children during the lockdown

Those in good health find self-isolation challenging, but it is likely to be more so for those with loved ones with compromised physical, mental or emotional health

Five fun and free things families can do together during the lockdown

The national lockdown has just begun and you may have already reached the end of ideas on what to do as a family.

Parents recreate Disney World after their family trip was cancelled – and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today!

These parents did the sweetest thing for their kids.

Lower your panic levels with this free Covid-19 online assessment test

Minimise your stress levels over your children's (or your own) coughs and sneezes and take this online test.

WATCH: This girl cried because she can no longer have takeaways due to the lockdown and we can relate

This video of Layla, 4, shared by her mother, Joanne Charlton, 30, has gone viral on social media and we can absolutely understand why.

Custody and visitation allowances in lockdown: 'We just don't know'

"During this time of lockdown, surely the father cannot still pick the child up for visitation? Or is there lenience for that?"

Do you have enough toilet paper to last the coronavirus lockdown? Find out here

So while the threat of Covid-19 looms large in our lives, the fear of running out of that essential may drive some of us to panic at the thought.

How to manage co-parenting and visitation in a coronavirus crisis

Parents have to lead with understanding, co-operation and some maturity: this too will pass.

Is your family emotionally prepared for the national lockdown?

"Many in isolation experience a sense of 'cabin fever'. This often involves feeling dissatisfied, restless, irritable and bored when confined." See this list of tips by mental health experts from around the world on surviving life under quarantine.

Still, little clarity on co-parenting and custody in lockdown

Who has the kids during lock down, and can they travel between homes?

What happens if I go into labour during the national lockdown? A local expert advises

It is vital for expecting moms to check in with their gynaecologist or birthing team about their due date and specific requirements as soon as possible.

PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Dr Bosch explains lockdown, and shares her tips for families

Dr Carol Bosch unpacks the various considerations around the impending national lockdown.

Critical numbers and contacts for families in lockdown 2020

If you haven't got the national emergency numbers saved in one easy to access place, Parent24's got you covered.

Are parents drinking too much while at home with their children in lockdown?

"We live opposite a liquor store. I've never seen it so busy."

Here’s how you can successfully plan your child’s routine during the lockdown

There are many ways parents can keep their little ones entertained throughout the lockdown period.

Gabi Lowe on protecting vulnerable children during the lockdown

Those in good health find self-isolation challenging, but it is likely to be more so for those with loved ones with compromised physical, mental or emotional health.

Use this catchy tune to help put your children at ease during lockdown

"Melody activates the limbic system which allows us to feel, experience and move our emotions through us. An essential process for anyone experiencing uncertainly, anxiety, grief or fear."

Please protect your children during this lockdown period

The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and ChildSafe SA are urging all adults, parents and caregivers to be extra vigilant and apply proper supervision over the young ones during this time.

Family in lockdown: Here are 4 ways to keep the kids happy (without resorting to Netflix)

Their normal sense of routine has been disrupted and you may be wondering how to ensure they don’t go stir crazy.

Six ways the lockdown could improve your family's health

For families across the globe, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought uncertainty and fear – turning normal lives and routines upside down.

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