10 unexpected perks of being a parent


For someone who is not yet a parent, sharing opinions, advice and thoughts on parenting topics may seem obsolete to some. However, after being in the childcare industry for over ten years I've gained a lot of valuable insight and knowledge into a lot of what parenting entails.

Being a parent can be a difficult and stressful experience at times, but it also brings happiness and joy to any parent's life .

Between washing out snot and baby food from your hair and dealing with your child's tantrums and bed-wetting, the perks of being a parent make it all worth it.

Free parking

Moms-and-tots parking is right up there. We all know that shopping with kids can be a nightmare on its own, but having your own dedicated parking-spot, usually right in front of the shop doors, really does make life easier.

Forever young

You get to re-live your childhood and do all the stuff you loved doing when you were a child, without looking silly. Christmas time is more festive than ever and there's no one better to share the excitement with than the kids. Theme parks, Disney movies, baking cookies; you have the perfect excuse to do it all over again, which brings me to the next advantage point...

You're never lonely

Unless the kids are at school, you've always got company. You'll never be bored again and you'll always have someone to talk to and do the shopping with.

You have new respect for your mother

You now understand everything she went through to get you where you are today and you realise how hard it can be to overcome certain challenges and difficulties when you're a parent. You probably take her seriously now when she reminds you of what she went through when giving birth to you and often a new bond is formed between you and her now that you and your partner have been there.


When you've got a million things happening at once, somehow you automatically prioritize and you might not get it all done, but you get the important stuff out of the way first. While you balance making dinner, replying to emails and organising your child's fifth birthday party, you also know when to stop everything you're doing to focus on your little one.

You get a second-chance to understand things you didn't understand as a child

Having kids can renew your thirst for knowledge. They're also the best teachers. When they come home to tell you about what they learnt at school that day, your keen sense of interest can help spark motivation for your child to learn more. Kids constantly want to know the answers to things, and often you might not know the answer. Learning something new together is great way to bond and inspire both you and your child's general knowledge.

When you're old you'll always have someone to visit you

If I don't have kids one day, the down-side that sticks out most is not having kids of my own to visit me when I'm lonely and tired of talking to the TV. I love spending time visiting my grandparents and listening to all their words of wisdom. Perhaps if I don't have kids I'll have godchildren to look forward to.

You have an excuse to be late and not commit to every social event

I know that there are some parents who fully abuse this privilege, often, and to this I object. But in some cases, it's valid. "I'm sorry, I can't make book-club this Thursday, my child is sprouting a strange sort of rash all over his body," is okay. If you're lucky enough to have kids who enjoy a good sleep-in, lazy Saturday morning starts are always a bonus and a good excuse to not be up-and-running by 7am.

You'll never run out of cuddles

The most meaningful and snuggest of hugs come from kids. There's nothing better than those big, open arms coming towards you at school pick-up time, or the feeling of being cuddled by someone who will always look up to you. 

What have you enjoyed most about having kids?

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