'They went behind our backs': Grandparents pierce their grandchild's ears without permission

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"Piercing a baby's ears without consent from the parents is literal physical assault." Photo: Getty Images
"Piercing a baby's ears without consent from the parents is literal physical assault." Photo: Getty Images

How would you feel if your parents made a major decision about your children without asking your permission?

That's exactly what happened to one parent who took to Reddit to ask if he and his fiancé were wrong for not wanting their parents to be left alone with their daughter after they pierced her ears - without asking them first.

"When they babysat for us once they got one of my mom's friends to do it, and we were pissed they went behind our backs. We stopped talking to them after that for disrespecting our decision," he explained. 

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'I was never into the idea of it being done as a baby'

Initially, the couple had decided they wanted to wait until their daughter, Thalia, was older and it would be up to her to decide if she wanted to get her ears pierced.

Thalia's dad admits, "I was never into the idea of it being done as a baby when they can't consent... my fiancé's parents pierced her ears when she was a baby, and she always hated wearing earrings. Still doesn't wear any," he said. 

Adding that even though they told their parents they're against piercings, they would not shut up about it, saying that "she'd look so cute."

But are they making a big deal out of nothing? I mean, it's their child we are talking about and knowingly going against their wishes is pure disrespect.

Still, the couple felt unsure if they were wrong for taking such drastic measures, asking Reddit users for their unbiased opinions. 

Your judgement of your parents is flawed

Local grandmother Patience wrote to Parent24 to share "I also think, as a grandma myself, they should have left the decision to the parents especially because they have already indicated that they would rather wait for her to take the decision when she is older."

While another user thought that piercing a child's ear without a parent's consent amounts to physical assault, suggesting the parents could even file a police report and get the grandparents arrested if they wanted.

One user commented on the original post, saying "Your judgment is flawed, and your treatment of your parents is unfair. Baby girls around the world get their ears pierced shortly after birth."

When do you think is the right time, if ever, to pierce a child's ears? 


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