What type of Facebook parent are you?


If you spend enough time on Facebook you would have come across at least one mom who shares the same repetitive Facebook qualities as some of the moms we've listed below: 

The over sharing mom

You'll rarely see any posts of her own. Your news feed is filled with her shared links, photos and copy-pasted articles on parenting news and information. If you follow closely you'd be able to tell what sort of views she has on parenting because every now and then she adds a "this has changed my life" or "parents need to do more of this".

The mom with too much time on her hands

It's usually the moms who post hundreds of statuses and photos on Facebook every day that make you wonder how what on earth they really do all day. When a mother posts "on our way to the hospital after little Johnny fell and cracked his head" you question how bad it really is if she was still able to write about it on Facebook.

The funny mom

The funny mom seems to find humour in almost every parenting situation. Where most moms would freak out the funny mom finds a way to laugh it off using sarcasm and other humour. Kids say the darnedest things, but some parents write about them in the funniest ways.

The funny Facebook mom is the first to share the latest viral video and it's guaranteed to have any parent in stitches. 

The pity party mom

"Haven't slept in days. Husband's overseas. Child just vomited all over me. FML. Don't become a mom, it's a trap." 

Attention-seeker alert! Sometimes it's best to ignore these sorts of statuses. What they're really wanting is for someone to empathise by saying "I don't know how you do it" which only gives them more reason to keep posting about their daily struggles. Come on, mom, no one said this would be easy. 

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The mom you forgot was a mom

Well she's rarely around her kids for starters. Her Facebook profile is no different from that of a single, 25 year old woman who enjoys regular girl's nights, holiday getaways and days at the spa (without the kids). Some moms are lucky and have the help of Granny or an au pair when it comes to childcare. You're probably slightly envious that she can still pursue her hobbies, talents and friends.

The foody-photo mom

This mom seems to share nothing but pictures of the new kid-friendly recipes she's been trying out. We're not complaining, because we could all use some new supper ideas for the kids. Her Facebook wall is filled with Instagram shots of every perfectly made meal with captions like "winner winner chicken dinner".  

The parenting expert mom

Nothing irks you more (and every other mom on Facebook) than the mom who knows it all. The know-it-all mom has an answer for everything and knows what's best for every parent and child. You understand that giving birth entitles her to share her opinion to some degree, but they seem to be on a mission to prove that they know what's best for other people's children. 

The normal mom

Normal moms are less likely to worry about being judged by other moms. They post smiley pictures of their kids, pictures of their messy house, they complain on occasion but always talk lovingly about their kids. You relate to all their mommy-struggles and you understand what makes them happy about parenthood.  

What type of Facebook mom are you? Send us your comment to chatback@parent24.com

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