Best positions for conception


Believe it or not, not a lot of scientific research has gone into finding out which sexual positions are
better geared than others in getting the sperm into the right place to aid conception. However, here are the top suggestions on how to up the odds of making a baby.

Man on top

Otherwise known as “the missionary position”, the man on top may be the vanilla of sex, but it certainly proves its worth when it comes to baby-making. It allows for deep penetration, and coupled with the woman’s prone position, allows the sperm to get nice and close to the cervical opening.

It is also a very sensual position as partners are able to communicate through sensual looks, intimate kisses and touch – big “pluses”.

From behind

This position allows for deeper thrusts which deposits the sperm close to the womb. With the woman on all fours, facing away from the man, penetration is from behind, placing the sperm in the recess at the back of the cervix. Note: this is not the ”rear entry” position and this won’t help your cause at all.


While this side-laying position will not be as deep, both partners are quite relaxed which is a positive for achieving conception. The woman lays with her back against her partner, while he cuddles from behind.

Living on the edge...

...literally! The woman lays on the edge of the bed or a couch, her partner can then enter from the front from either a kneeling or standing position. This position allows for deep penetration getting the sperm to the best place, and gravity is on your side, helping the sperm to reach its goal.

Lie back and think of...

Some experts recommend laying on your back for at least 20 minutes – some say up to an hour after
sex with your hips raised on a pillow will increase your chances of conception.

They say that more sperm is likely to stay in your vagina, and around your cervix and that gravity will encourage the sperm through the cervix and uterus into your Fallopian tubes. Again, there is no scientific evidence that this is true but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

There are millions of sperm in each ejaculation so there should be plenty of sperm even if you do stand up straight away, but remember not to use a large pillow, or you may sabotage your efforts, since the sperm may then puddle behind your cervix. Not a good place to be when trying to reach that egg.

The big O

Do women have to reach orgasm to fall pregnant? Sticking with the conception side of things, no a female orgasm isn’t vital, but obviously a man’s is. However, research has shown that muscle movements of a female orgasm may create a suction effect, helping the sperm to move up and further into the womb.

This means that the woman will need to orgasm with or after her partner. Of course, orgasms keep the sex fun and trying for a baby needs to be enjoyable otherwise you’re going to get fed up with the whole process. You could also try “bicycling” with your legs in the air.

Women swear by it and even if it doesn’t help, it will at least give your partner a laugh. The most important dynamic in baby-making is relaxing and enjoying being intimate with your partner.

Foods that boost your sex life

Conception can be assisted by changing your diet. Here are some sex-boosting foods.

Vitamin A

Found in eggs, cheese and butter, pumpkin and carrots, and grean leafy vegetables. Vitamin A maintains the epithelial tissues which line all the surfaces of the body both internally and externally, and so includes the vagina and uterus.

Vitamin D

The lack of this fatsoluble vitamin could be linked to ovulatory problems. Oily fish, eggs and regular sunshine (with sunscreen) can help your Vitamin D levels.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is essential especially in the early stages of foetal growth and deficiencies of folic acid and Vitamin B2 have also been linked to infertility. Eat spinach and broccoli, liver, avos and beetroot.


Low levels of zinc have been linked to low sex drive in men and women. It also aids in the production of sperm. Get it from shellfish, brown rice, green veggies and turkey.


Selenium ensures the production of healthy eggs and sperm. Food sources are brown rice and oats.


The metabolism of oestrogen depends on healthy levels of manganese. If your manganese levels are low, your fertility levels could be compromised too. Find it in spinach, tea, oats, wholegrain cereals, raisins, pineapple, beans, peas and nuts.

Essential fatty acids

Linoleic acid is important for sperm production. Nuts, vegetable and sunflower oils are good sources.


Antioxidants neutralise the harmful substances in the body and help boost libido. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and avocados.

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