Shifting your aura of infertility

Making babies. You’d think this would be easy.  And yet there are thousands of women who struggle with infertility and battle depression, stress, frustration, sadness, anger and loss. Our bodies are failing us and our dream of having that child of our own feels as unattainable as being kidnapped by Hugh Jackman and taken to a desert island. Both would be very nice, neither is that realistic.

It is on this journey that I started to explore alternative treatments to help me get that extra boost and cover all my fertility bases. I’ve had cupping, acupuncture and now I’ve tried out the mysteries of Reiki.

Reiki, pronounced Ray-Kee, is an ancient Japanese technique for healing, stress management and relaxation, and in infertility circles these qualities are rather precious. Stress has regularly been linked to issues with conception so anything treatment that helps you to take control of the stress in your life can be hugely beneficial.

Reiki practitioners don’t massage the body or give you strange medicines, instead they use their hands to channel Reiki energy to where it is needed in the body.

A mystical world of energy

I was not convinced by this at all, but I had promised to try out every alternative therapy I could find and this was next on my list. Fortunately finding an expert wasn’t that hard and Colleen Mulrooney a Reiki practitioner for both people and animals ( came to my house to see if she could help me become more fertile. I don’t believe that our bodies are surrounded by mystical energy that can be manipulated for healing and this is precisely what Reiki is all about.

Experts in this art believe that we get sick when our life force energy is disrupted or blocked and that Reiki restores the balance and allows this energy to flow freely once again.

Sound like hippy madness? I thought so…

After my one hour session with Colleen I must confess I was wrong. At first I thought the sensations of pulling and swaying and dizziness were caused by the fact that I was bone tired, lying on a seriously comfortable bed and simply dozing off. Thing is, after I’d finished my session, Colleen told me that she had felt exactly the same things at the precisely same places as I did. For example, when she stood over my womb channelling Reiki I could genuinely feel a tug and a sensation of being rubbed. When she gave me her analysis she pinpointed that area and said that I was clearly very stressed about the idea of having a child. It’s interesting. I cannot say that I believe in Reiki in terms of someone being able to shift my life force energy and heal me with it, but I cannot deny the fact that for the next five days I slept better than I had in months and felt like I could cope with whatever life had planned. Unfortunately it threw me another negative pregnancy test, but next cycle I will stay calm with the help of Reiki. Of that much I am sure.

Still cynical? I have spoken to women who have found that Reiki has been instrumental in giving them the strength to carry on with the infertility battle. Others have said it helps them to unwind and one has confessed to becoming a complete convert as she fell pregnant within three months of doing Reiki. Every one of these situations can easily be explained by science, but when I saw how happy these women were with this therapy I realised that sometimes science just doesn’t matter.

Is happiness more important than science when it comes to TTC?

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