Struggling to tie your tubes?

It shouldn't matter at what point in a woman's life she chooses to "have her tubes tied", but women often struggle to find a doctor willing to accept that they're capable of deciding that they don't want any more children (or any at all). This seems to be more common than you'd expext, according to

Whether you've decided at age 23 that two kids are plenty for your family, or you have only had one, and the idea of repeating pregnancy with its attendant physical mayhem, or toddlerhood with all of the tears and woes, or even if you have simply decided that parenting is not for you, a woman should be able to request this relatively simple procedure without her motives being questioned.

My womb, my choices

Women have experienced being challenged on this key issue by doctors who insist that the woman is either too young and fertile to make an informed decision, or that she'll regret it later on, opening the doctor up to possible litigation for not refusing, which, as the Jezebel author comments, would be like a tattoo artist refusing to tattoo certain designs because they were chosen in the "heat of the moment".

If you've come to that point in your life when you want to shut down your baby factory, the point is, it shouldn't matter what your reasons are, surely- your fertility remains your responsibility (even if you have to rely on a doctor to seal the deal).

Don't worry, he can always get a vasectomy

And wait... What about men? There are even advertisements inviting men to have their own fertility "snipped". There seems to be a massive disparity in the way men and women are seen to be able to take their reproductive future into their own hands, as it were.

Yes, your current situation may change- you may separate from your current partner, or one of you could die in a horrible accident, or, even more tragically, one of your kids may die, and you may decide to have another child, either with the same person or someone else, but who has the right to deny you the opportunity of having your tubes tied? It's something to think about, especially when your medical insurance may not include it as a necessary procedure, and may not cover the small op...

Have you found that doctors are resistant to sterilisation procedures?
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