Covid, Corona, and 61 other names you won't believe people actually gave their kids

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For your amusement and just in case you were going to make a bad decision with naming your child, we've compiled the worst of the worst list of baby names. (Getty Images)
For your amusement and just in case you were going to make a bad decision with naming your child, we've compiled the worst of the worst list of baby names. (Getty Images)

Name inspiration comes in many forms. When the pandemic first began, Indian parents Preeti and Vinay Verma drew from the novel coronavirus to name their twin babies, Corona and Covid.  

Mom Preeti Verma explained that the names began as nicknames for her baby boy and girl by the hospital staff but just stuck. 

"When the hospital staff also started calling the babies as Corona and Covid, we finally decided to name them after the pandemic... [We] wanted to make the day memorable."

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What not to name your kids

It's a stretch but hey, at least they didn't name their twins Earwacker, Bony M or Pube, right? 

No, these are not nicknames, these are names of real-life people.

In his book, The Book of Unfortunate Baby Names, the self-professed name-collector extraordinaire, Russell Ash, provides a compilation of the most ridiculous names parents actually gave their kids. The author scoured official census records in the US and UK, some as far back as the 16th century. 

The book is a follow-on from Russell's first offering of bad names titled Potty, Fartwell & Knob

Passionate about unfortunate names, the author felt it his duty to provide a self-help book of sorts, by providing proper examples of what not to name your kids. 

For your amusement and just in case you were going to make a bad decision with naming your child, we've compiled the worst of the worst below: 

Just don't 

Worst baby names ever

Baptized 1648, Buckinghamshire, England 

Married 1882, London, England 

Died 1849, Yorkshire, England 

Born 1898, Florida, USA 

Born 1771, Somerset, England 

Born 1854, Norfolk, England

Born 1919, Lincolnshire, England

Bony M
Born 1892, North Carolina, USA 

Born 1847, Alabama, USA 

Born 1849, Hampshire, England

Died 1994, Kentucky, USA

Born 1888, South Carolina, USA

Born 1878, Kent, England

One Too Many 
Born 1870, Essex, England

Born 1904, Nova Scotia, Canada 

Born 1896, North Carolina, USA 

Born 1831, Ireland 

Born 1859, Iowa, USA 

Born 1856, New York, USA

Always think initials through

Worst baby names ever

A. Blob 
Born 1827, Yorkshire, England 

B. Yond 
Born 1905, Lancashire, England 

E.C. Lay 
Born 1862, Cornwall, England

F. Ingood 
Born 1875, Bedfordshire, England

F. Ewe
Married 1899, London, England 

O. Men 
Born 1870, London. England 

R.U. Ready 
Born 1896, Kansas, USA 

Y. Nott 
Born 1930, Staffordshire, England  

Unfortunate first name and surname combinations 

Worst baby names ever

Agusta Wind 
Born 1880, Illinois, USA 

Anice Bottom 
Born 1837, Yorkshire, England

Barbie Cue
Born 1819, Scotland 

Dan D. Lyons 
Born 1891, Cardiff, Wales 

Don Key 
Born 1885, Norfolk, England

Elle Vator 
Born 1861, Sussex, England

Etta Lott 
Born 1877, Mississippi, USA 

Fay King 
Born 1922, Kent, England 

Gladys Friday 
Born 1900, England 

Justin Case 
Born 1832, New York, USA

Page Turner 
Born 1865, Devon, England 

Rob Bery
Born 1857, London, England

Sarah Tonin 
Married 1813, London, England 

Tess Tickle 
Born 1893, Arkansas, USA 

Tim Burr
Born 1867, Hertfordshire, England 

Names inspired by cars aren't always a good idea 

Worst baby names ever

Born 1883, Alabama, USA 

Born1857, Canada

Born 1858, Virginia, USA

Died 1914, Kentucky, USA 

Born 1910, California, USA 

Married 1860, England 

Born 1890, Iowa, USA 

Born 1900, Washington, USA

Born 1880, Puerto Rico

Just because they look good enough to eat, doesn't mean they should be named after food 

Worst baby names ever

Apple Pie 
Born 1830, Virginia, USA 

Cherry Tart 
Born 1859, Mississippi, USA

Born1876, Virginia, USA

Born 1968, North Carolina, USA 

Mineral Waters 
Born 1893, Essex, England 

Born 1840, Northamptonshire, England 

Born 1900, Ohio, USA 

Born 1842, Lincolnshire, England 

Born 1859, Georgia, USA 

Born 1852, Canada

Did you have name regret? What's the worst name on this list? 


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