Inspired by Katy Perry's baby name? Here are 70+ blooming beautiful names


Happy Spring!

Contrary to popular belief, Spring doesn't officially start until well into September, with the actual start of the season in the Southern Hemisphere being 22 September

Nature bursting with new life is truly inspiring and it's not surprising that we found dozens of names all inspired by springtime to add to our ever-growing list of Baby names

For celeb parents Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, a spring themed baby name just made sense with the couple naming their first child together, Daisy. (See more in the video above)

If you're feeling a similar type of way about naming your next child, check out the list below. 

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'Tis the season

Baby names that mean spring/springtime in various languages 



Aviv (M) 

Origin: Hebrew

Verna (F)

Origin: Latin

Jarek (M)

Origin: Polish

Rabia (F) 

Origin: Arabic 

Aviva (F) 

Origin: Hebrew

Laverna (F) 

Origin: French

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Spring waters

Baby names inspired by fountains and springs 



Fontanne (F) 

Meaning: Fountain, spring

Origin: French

Diona (F) 

Meaning: From the sacred spring

Origin: English 

Bradwell (M)

Meaning: From the broad spring

Origin: English

Caldwell (M) 

Meaning: "From the cold spring


Kelby (M)

Meaning: Place by the fountain or spring

Origin: Gaelic

Attwell (M) 

Meaning: Lives by the spring

Origin: English

Wells (M) 

Meaning: Lives by the spring

Origin: English

Atherton (M) 

Meaning: From the town by a spring

Origin:  English

Hartwell (M) 

Meaning: Lives near the stag's spring

Origin: English 

Kingswell (M) 

Meaning: Lives at the kings' spring

Origin: English 

Brooke (F) 

Meaning: A small stream 

Origin: English

Arizona (U)

Meaning: Small spring

Origin: O'odham language

Weldon (M)

Meaning: Hill near a spring

Origin: English

    Brighter days

    Baby names inspired by warm spring days 







    Javier (M) 

    Meaning: Bright 

    Origin: Spanish

    Lucian (M)

    Meaning: Light

    Origin: Latin

    Kiran (U)

    Meaning: Ray of light

    Origin: Sanskrit

    Aurora (F) 

    Meaning: Dawn

    Origin: Latin 

    Claire (F)

    Meaning: Bright or clear

    Origin: Latin

    Genevieve (F) 

    Meaning: White wave

    Origin: German

    Chloe (F) 

    Meaning:  Blooming or young green shoot

    Origin: Greek 

    Spring Creatures 

    Baby names inspired by birds 








    Shades of Green 

    Baby names inspired by greenery of spring



    Emerald (F) 

    Olive (F) 

    Jade (U) 

    Basil (M) 

    Denver (M)

    Meaning: Green valley 

    Origin: French 

    Eden (F) 

    Meaning: Paradise

    Origin: Hebrew

    Midori (F) 

    Meaning: Green 

    Origin: Japanese

    Heath (M)

    Meaning: Untended land where flowering shrubs grow

    Origin: English 

    Laurel (U)

    Meaning: Referring to the laurel tree

    Origin: Latin

    All things are revived 

    Baby names inspired by newness of all things in spring 






    Florentina (F) 

    Meaning: Blooming 

    Origin: Latin

    Naveen (M)

    Meaning: Always new

    Origin: Hindi

    Neo (M) 

    Meaning: New

    Origin: Greek 

    All the pretty flowers 

    Baby names inspired by flowers



    • Poppy
    • Azalea
    • Daisy
    • Lily
    • Anemone
    • Dahlia
    • Primrose
    • Magnolia
    • Margeurite
    • Zahra (Arabic for flower or blossom) 
    • Peony
    • Apple
    • Rose 
    • Marigold
    • Petunia
    • Lilac
    • Calla
    • Amaryllis 
    • Lillian 
    • Zinnia
    • Iris
    • Warda - (Arabic for rose) 
    • Violet


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