Unisex names for kids


A particular sensitivity has arisen in recent years: parents are moving away from traditional expressions of gender when it comes to their children. This can be seen in the rejection of pink and princess outfits for girls and in opting for unisex toys. Some have even suggested that the “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl” gender reveals are incorrect and they should be termed “sex reveals”. While you may not subscribe to a specific opinion, you may be considering choosing a unisex name for your baby. Here are some to get you started:

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(From Nameberry.com)

This is a tiny representation of the huge list of unisex names available at Nameberry, a site which monitors the frequency these names are given to kids in the US every year. Some are more specific to the American traditions, but many are common to all sorts of families.

Nameberry also notes for unisex names how many boys vs. how many girls have been given the name each year, as there’s normally a tendency for more of one than the other.

Sometimes a popular boy’s name can become more popular as a popular girl’s name: one recent example is the name “North”, which used to be more popular as a boy’s name, until KimK used it for her daughter.

There may also be names that sound identical but are differentiated between genders with slight spelling differences, such as “Adrian” (boy) vs. “Adrienne” (girl).

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