Real birth stories


There's nothing more beautiful than the birth of a child. But birth is such a personal experience. No two women will ever have the same birth experience. Hell, no one women will ever have the same birth experience! We've asked our readers to send in and share their birth stories with us.

If you're expecting a baby you'll be bombarded with women telling you why this or that way is better than the other. At the end of the day all you can do is inform yourself the best you can and make a decision that is best for you and best for your baby.

These women (and one man) share their experiences of how they brought their beautiful babies into the world.

Shannon's birth story: 'How I gave birth in 45 minutes'

Shannon shares what happens when you hear the dreaded phrase 'too late for an epidural'.

Sally-Jane's birth story: 'My daughter was at her brother’s birth'
I’m glad my daughter was there to welcome her brother at my home birth, says Sally-Jane Cameron.

Sally-Jane's birth story: 'A midwife birth at home'
With hypnobirthing, an ‘official birth Tweeter’ and the Geek on hand, this was never going to be the average birth story.

Heather's birth story: 'Babyice’s Arrival'
Mom of 2 shares the story of her son's arrival and just how scary natural birth can be.

Heather's birth story: 'The birth of PrincessIce'
Heather shares the story of her almost perfect birth.

Zayaan's birth story: 'The day we became a family'
This mother shares her experience with an elective c-section.

Mike's story: A dad’s birth story
A father writes to his son, describing what it felt like to become a dad.

Julie's birth story
This mother almost died giving birth, but is grateful for her only baby.

Catherine's birth story: 'A natural birth'
A gush of liquid, an excruciating back pain and a large ball: one mom’s eventful birth story.

Stephanie's birth story: 'My Journey - Pregnancy, birth and recovery'
A mom shares her birth and recovery after a c-section

Stella's birth story: 'Written by a doula'
This calm and special c-section birth story was written by the couple's doula.

Tia's birth story: 'The 15 minute C-section'
A mom shares about her quick C-section birth story.

Terry's birth story: 'My twins were born at 26 weeks'
Mom has a natural birth and an emergency c-section when delivering her twin boys.

Salomé's birth story: 'The day we met the most beautiful little boy'
When your birth plan doesn't work out quite as planned.

Natasha's birth story: 'The easy first birth'
An easy pregnancy and an uncomplicated birth.

Natasha's birth story: 'Scary second birth'
A torn placenta and bleeding led to a sad ending to this pregnancy.

Natasha's birth story: 'A difficult pregnancy'
A mom shares her journey of her difficult pregnancy and slow birth experiences.

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