11 bizarre pregnancy facts


Pregnancy is a beautiful, mysterious time; moms and dads-to-be will marvel at the changes happening almost daily as a human bean becomes a human being, but what’s really going on? Some of these pregnancy facts will amaze you!

Here's are some real surprises:

1.    Your foetus will, in the second half of your pregnancy, urinate around a litre of urine per day, and then drink it.

2.    How much would you say a woman’s uterus expands during pregnancy? More than 500 times its usual size, that’s how much!

3.    Your feet can expand by up to one full shoe size bigger during pregnancy due to water retention and other extra fluids.

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4.    Up to 90% of women experience a change in skin tone during pregnancy.

5.    Craving pizza? Did you know that babies can taste strong foods that mom is eating, such as garlic, for example. This ‘flavour’ enters the amniotic fluid.

6.    It is claimed that babies born with full heads of hair cause their moms to have more heartburn during pregnancy.

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7.    It IS possible to conceive through oral sex (in admittedly strange circumstances, like the woman who conceived through a combination of oral sex and a stab wound).

8.    You think you were having constipation troubles? Your baby starts making its first poo at around 21 weeks into the pregnancy. And saves it up as that first special gift to you.

9.    Girl babies are born with every single egg they’ll ever have. Boys don’t develop sperm until puberty, though.

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10.    Hormones? Yup, a pregnant woman produces as much oestrogen in ONE DAY as a regular non-pregnant woman produces in three YEARS.

11.    Criminal foetuses be warned! Fingerprints are formed by the third month in the womb.

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Via: Buzzfeed, ViralNova and Rebel Circus

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